Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management



FAQs of EZO CMMS are listed below:

Asset (4)

Note: The process described below is applicable to assets, asset stock, and inventory. We will use the example of an asset to illustrate the process … Continue reading →
Asset retirement deactivates an asset from our system. Retired assets do not count towards the subscription package limit and cannot be actively used. Asset deletion permanently deletes an asset from the system, including checkout history, service details, comments etc … Continue reading →
EZO CMMS supports straight-line method and declining balance method depreciation at the group level. This can be enabled from Settings –> Add Ons. Here’s a detailed guide on depreciation management in EZO CMMS … Continue reading →
EZO CMMS assigns an Item # to every item that you add to your account. This can also be referred to as the Asset # and Inventory #, depending on the context. The first item that gets added is #1, the second is #2, and so on. … Continue reading →

Account/ User Related (5)

Data backups are offered through Dropbox. You can enable this option from Settings -> Add Ons -> Data Backup -> Add Dropbox account or Add OneDrive Account … Continue reading →
It is possible to specify and select which members are allowed to log in. This can be done by unchecking ‘Enable member to login’ on the Member Details page. If doing a mass import, you can have a column with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and map it to ‘Login Allowed’ … Continue reading →
Type of alerts that can be sent to each user level can be either ‘an email sent for each subscribed event’ or ‘a daily digest that summarizes all the events for the day’. Staff users receive email alerts for actions they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action. … Continue reading →
Here are some things you should be aware of before you begin importing data to EZO CMMS: … Continue reading →
Account owners can delete members by enabling the option from Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Member Deletion. Next, go to the Member listings page, choose the members you wish to delete, and click on Actions on Members → Delete. We recommend you enable this option only for the duration it takes you to delete members. … Continue reading →
Closing your EZO CMMS account is a simple process with a few easy steps … Continue reading →

Import (2)

EZO CMMS saves you time and effort by giving you the option to bulk import members into your account using Excel spreadsheets. To achieve this, go to Members → Import From Excel Sheet → Add New Members as shown: … Continue reading →
You can create document linkages for items right as you update or upload them via an Excel sheet. Furthermore, you can attach up to 5 public media file URLs upon item import … Continue reading →

Mass data actions (1)

Deleting an asset permanently removes it from the system. We recommend that you ‘retire’ assets that are no longer needed. Only the account owner can delete assets/inventory records in bulk to clean the account. Steps: … Continue reading →

Custom Filters (1)

Custom Filters help you sort through items based on specific attributes. By allowing you to quickly organize information relating to items, dates, vendors, and the like, they can help you save time and streamline the management of data relating to your operations … Continue reading →

Exporting Data (1)

You can automate periodic backups of your data using EZO CMMS’ OneDrive and Dropbox Integration. This allows you to seamlessly back up copies of your data to a OneDrive or Dropbox account of your choice. You can also export default and custom reports to your backup accounts, to share data with your employees more conveniently … Continue reading →