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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZO CMMS FAQS How Can I Use My Own Serial Numbers In Ezo Cmms

How can I use my own serial numbers in EZO CMMS?

EZO CMMS assigns an Item # to every item that you add to your account. This can also be referred to as the Asset # and Inventory #, depending on the context. The first item that gets added is #1, the second is #2, and so on.

We’ve also designed a special field called Asset Identification Number (AIN) for businesses that have their own sequence numbers. To enable this, go to Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings → AIN Options → Use Asset Identification Number (AIN).

With this option enabled, you can select the checkbox to ‘Make Asset Identification Number (AIN) Mandatory’ to ensure users cannot create or edit items without a primary identifier. This will ensure all items have a serial number associated with them at all times.

Note: You must ensure all existing items have an AIN associated with them, or you will be unable to enable the option to make AINs mandatory:

Some key features of AINs are below:

  • AINs are unique to every item.
  • You can type in @ followed by an AIN in the Search Bar to go directly to the details of the relevant item and take necessary actions.
  • AINs can be used in Barcoding.
  • Your item listing can be customized to show AINs instead of the Item #.
  • Items are also referenced by their AIN in all alert emails.

If you have more than one serial number to refer to an item, you can always add a text field custom field (under More –> Custom Fields –> Items –> Add Custom Field). These custom attributes also appear in the search results.