Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Identification Number

What is the Identification Number of an item?

Identification Number field is available with all items (Assets, Asset Stock, and Inventory). This is not a mandatory field but can be used as an alternative to Asset Numbers. You can use Identification Numbers to design your own intuitive item identifiers. Here is everything you can do with Identification Numbers:

1. Record your own unique Serial Number

EZOfficeInventory gives you an Asset # (or Asset Stock # or Inventory #) which can be used to uniquely identify an item. It’s a simple number which is auto-incremented as you add items e.g. the first asset you add is Asset #1, the second is Asset #2 and so on. However, if you want to have your own serial numbers such as CAR-001, Macbook-Air-49585, BioLob-134, use this field to record them.

2. Link your existing barcodes

If you have existing barcodes, use this field to link them to EZOfficeInventory items. If you have lab equipment and your microscope already has the barcode: ABC123. You can enter ABC123 in the relevant asset’s Identification Number to link the barcode. You can then use our mobile app or a barcode scanning hardware to scan your microscope. This will pull up the relevant details so you can take your required actions.

3. Create barcodes 

You can print both QR code and barcode labels. Barcodes are generated from Identification Numbers. Make sure to edit/create a printout template to include barcodes Do this by going to More –> Print Label –> Add/Edit. From here, drop the Barcode element on to the designing canvas. If an item doesn’t have an Identification Number, its barcode can’t be created.

Note: We also refer to Identification Number as AIN (Asset Identification Number).