Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Inventory Tracking Software

inventory management software

Maintain Optimal Stock Levels and Control Costs

Use our leading cloud inventory management software to efficiently allocate inventory, perform inventory audits, and avoid stockouts!

Unlock Efficiency and Elevate Control With Inventory Asset Management Software

Gain complete inventory control with real-time visibility

Maintain an asset inventory repository for data consolidation

Use RFID, barcodes, or QR codes for inventory tracking

Manage your inventory effortlessly by setting low-stock alerts

Replenish stock with purchase orders to reduce stockouts

Simplify Inventory Management Processes

Control Movement of Stock

Prevent your stock from getting lost or stolen due to poor stock management practices!
Seamlessly track stock with up-to-date data and stay in sync with the location of your stock to minimize theft or loss. Achieve optimal resource allocation by assessing where stock is most needed – all through our stock inventory management software.

Reduce Tracking Time with RFID, Barcodes, or QR Codes

Do you often face difficulties in tracking critical inventory items?
Use advanced tracking technologies like RFID, barcodes, or QR codes to streamline and enhance inventory tracking processes. Create, design, and assign labels to inventory to quickly scan assets and check them out collectively.

Stay Updated with Inventory Levels

Prevent excessive procurement costs by automatically updating inventory only when needed.
Simplify tools and equipment inventory management by setting up minimum and maximum inventory thresholds to avoid stockouts or overstocks. Manage inventory replenishment with alerts when inventory falls below a certain number – maintaining optimal stock levels.

Automate the Purchase Order (PO) Processes

Is ordering inventory a long and agitating process?
Place orders for new inventory directly from the system using our procurement module. Improve vendor management by centralizing vendor information and setting up an approval process to eliminate inaccuracies in the order using stock management system.

The Simple Way to Track Inventory

Empower your business with the tracking capabilities of our stock inventory management software

Conduct Reservations

Access the calendar and reserve items in advance with the ‘Reservations’ feature. Ensure item availability while checking out an item by checking the status of an item.

Customize Reports

Draw actionable reports on utilization, checkouts, POs, and more to analyze data deeply. Add graphs, pie charts, and tables to the report for easy analysis.

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Manage and track an asset’s lifecycle – from its procurement to disposal. Optimize asset use by ensuring it's working in optimal condition. Conduct inspections to check asset status.

Use the Mobile Application

Mass scan inventory with our iOS and Android apps in seconds. Eliminate the need to carry laptops on job sites to conduct scans. Conduct checkouts easily through a single click.

Warehouse Management

Keep track of warehoused items through quick scans and location tracking. Optimize asset inventory management by expediting on-field inventory audits.

Stay Notified

Customize alerts to manage stock with ease, and receive alerts when stock is low. Send alerts to your team to keep them updated about your assets.

Expedite Inventory Management for Small and Medium Businesses

Gain greater control over inventory and reduce costs using our small business inventory software

Automated Ordering

Always maintain the right inventory levels by setting thresholds so the software can trigger automated purchase orders when the inventory falls below a certain number. Reorder unfulfilled orders in the purchase order instantly!

Vendor Management

Consolidate vendor information in one place by adding preferred vendor details into our cloud inventory management software. Maintain communication with vendors by sending customized emails or using templates.

Cost Tracking

Stay updated with the total cost of inventory, including cost of inventory ordered, and shipping costs. With accurate inventory records, businesses can have better control over their everyday expenses for a stronger bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

An inventory management software is a consolidated platform used to track, monitor, and maintain inventory, such as materials and consumables throughout their lifecycle.
Organizations can stay updated with their construction inventory by implementing an all-in-one inventory management system. They can centralize inventory information, classify inventory, group them together, and use clear inventory labels to check out and check in inventory.
Inventory management and asset management are both important parts of business operations. Asset management refers to the systematic process of recording, controlling, monitoring, and disposing of tangible and intangible assets. Whereas, inventory management is a process dedicated to managing business inventory, such as raw materials, finished and unfinished goods, and backup assets.

While asset management is aimed at managing assets, inventory management targets consumable items or assets that help support business operations, asset and inventory management software help manage assets and inventory both for speedy operations. Asset inventory management systems can be used to manage both assets and inventory simultaneously.
While choosing a stock management software, you should look for factors such as the software’s flexibility, cost, ability to be customized, your budget, the number of assets that the software is capable of tracking, and its features. If the capabilities the software offers align with your business goals, then going for it would be a wise choice.

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“Ever since we have been using EZOfficeInventory, we have been able to eliminate defective inventory items and control our costs” – Levente Cosa, Operations Manager

Inventory Management

EZOfficeInventory enables you to manage inventory, maintain optimal inventory levels, and optimize processes for improved business performance.

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