Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Medical Inventory Software

Hospital Medical Inventory Software

Never Lose Track of your Hospital Assets and Inventory

Control stock levels, manage locations, and monitor medical asset lifecycle with ease.

Revolutionize Asset Tracking for Healthcare

Enhance medical device management using our powerful healthcare asset management software!

Manage assets through the cloud

Locate medical assets from anywhere

Assign roles to medical staff for simplified access

Leverage enhanced security through access control permissions

Integrate with Zendesk and Jira for speedy ticket management

Enhance Patient Care with Our Hospital Equipment Tracking System

Effortless Medical Asset Tracking

Do you find it difficult to manage large quantities of complex medical devices?
Effortlessly consolidate and track healthcare data by maintaining asset register. Locate your medical inventory assets by assigning tags and leveraging GPS tracking to remain updated with live location coordinates.

Advanced Purchase Order(PO) Management

Manually reordering stock is a thing of the past!
Manage medical supply inventory by setting re-order points, and centralizing vendor information. Elevate procurement efficiency in healthcare settings to stay updated with stock counts using our PO module.

Maximize Data Security

Prevent data loss and data tampering to protect sensitive hospital data.
Set up access controls, enable OTP and single sign-on to allow only authorized personnel to access and edit hospital asset data. Enable administrators to review approval requests related to purchase orders, audits, and custody management.

Integrate to Streamline Service Management

Quickly resolve staff concerns by responding to medical equipment requests.
Reduce response time and fix hospital equipment quickly by integrating with Zendesk and Jira. Check out/ check in assets, extend checkouts, and reserve hospital assets directly from the helpdesk apps to cater to urgent requests.

Simplify Medical Asset and Inventory Management

Harness the power of our healthcare inventory management software for improved emergency response

Track Asset Lifecycle

Efficiently manage healthcare and medical inventory assets throughout their life – from procurement to disposal. Ensure optimal asset performance by implementing regular maintenance routines.

Conduct Maintenance

Generate service requests and arrange maintenance appointments for streamlined support operations. Link assets to service tickets for a quick response and speedy turnaround. Keep your assets well-maintained.

Optimize Inventory

Order, store and maintain optimal stock by setting thresholds. Enable notifications and alerts to remain updated about medical stock levels, and prevent potential stockouts. Track inventory using barcodes.

Use Barcode Scanning

Effortlessly scan large quantities of medical items with barcodes, QR codes, and RFID tags using our user-friendly iOS and Android apps. Mass scan assets and inventory to check out/ check in or reserve critical items.

Complete Reservations

Monitor medical asset checkouts and schedule reservations for healthcare equipment with precision and foresight. Access the availability calendar to see what medical assets are available for booking.

Generate Reports

Create comprehensive reports and use alerts to receive notifications to analyze asset data. Identify gaps and errors in healthcare asset management to take corrective action and improve asset allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical asset management software refers to a platform that helps record, monitor, and optimize the deployment of medical equipment in healthcare facilities. By maintaining medical assets, users can optimize business operations and ensure quality healthcare.
Having well-functioning assets is critical to providing quality healthcare. Asset management in healthcare helps achieve that by allowing location tracking, managing medical supplies, generating reports for data analysis, and facilitating lifecycle management.
Asset management can be improved by using a healthcare asset tracking software that helps track all medical equipment, surgical tools, and bulky fixed assets. Through integrated procurement and asset control, businesses can reduce overheads associated with expired and missing medical inventory and assets.

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“If we didn’t have EZOfficeInventory, we wouldn’t have been able to track everything from an accounting standpoint in terms of what to bill our clients’ – Nick Scotto, Senior Operations Technical Lead

Medical Equipment Software

EZOfficeInventory allows you to better manage and maintain high-end medical equipment through barcode tracking, reservations and quick data analysis.

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