Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Construction Asset Tracking Software

Construction Equipment Management Software

Enhance Safety and Coordinate Easily on Construction Sites

Lower asset loss and reduce costs of your construction business. Use our cutting-edge construction equipment tracking software to track and manage construction equipment across various job sites for optimized operations.

Improved Productivity and Construction Material Management

Manage your Valuable Construction Equipment with EZOfficeInventory’s Tracking Features

Consolidate construction equipment data into one place by maintaining an asset directory

Track equipment across multiple locations and assign it to different owners

Schedule service routines for timely maintenance

Strategically Manage Your Construction Workflows

Keep track of tools and equipment of all sizes

Avoid inaccurate asset count and reduce the use of inoperational and obsolete assets.
Create an asset database, and reconcile physical inventory with records for improved asset tracking. Use asset tags, barcodes, and RFID codes to identify each piece of equipment or tool uniquely.

Forecast equipment availability for future use

Using spreadsheets to record assets can be tedious, restricting regular updates.
With our construction equipment management software, automate the equipment tracking process to get real-time visibility into your database. See which equipment is underutilized, or in high demand, so you can allocate it properly – reducing carrying costs.

Manage the asset lifecycle for improved asset performance

Keeping construction equipment well-maintained throughout its lifecycle can be complicated if not done correctly.
Maintain a detailed profile of each asset, including maintenance records, and depreciation schedules. Analyze equipment conditions from time to time to ensure that your assets remain in the best shape.

Construction Inventory Management Made Simpler

Powerful construction equipment tracking software to efficiently run service calibration and manage tools in the field.

Manage the Inventory Lifecycle

Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking depreciation, and equipment condition. Keep track of both high-value assets such as vehicles, and consumable stock such as raw materials all from one place.

Check Out Items in Groups

Create custom bundles for construction equipment, and use Carts to check out, or reserve multiple construction items that are regularly used together. Bundle relevant items together for use on a particular project.

Make Timely Reservations

Use the availability calendar to see which items are available at a specified time so you can enjoy conflict-free reservations. Make alternate arrangements for critical equipment well in advance by checking the calendar.

Remotely Access Data

Design, create, and scan labels of various sizes and formats to record information using barcodes and QR codes. Instantly look up item details in the system by simply entering the asset name or identification number.

Log Custom Information

Create custom fields for item details, like item color and model so you can always check out the right equipment. Streamline work operations further with the ability to manage warranties and legal documents.

Enable Alerts & Notifications

Stay updated with checkins/outs, pending approvals, and upcoming reservations by enabling alerts. Schedule reports to send to your team members and keep them informed at all times.

Enhance Efficiency and Improve Construction Inventory Tracking

Use our construction inventory management software to keep track of inventory and reduce costs

Improved Cost Control for Tracking

Monitor construction materials and supplies in real time to minimize over-purchasing and under-purchasing. Reduce the amount of capital tied up in inventory with efficient inventory allocation. Centralize records of all inventory costs in one place.

Enhanced Project Planning

Manage inventory on construction sites by analyzing inventory needs and planning in advance based on forecasts. Empower project managers to make informed decisions regarding the procurement and allocation of materials.

Compliance and Reporting

Comply with construction standards and protocols by maintaining assets. Generate construction inventory reports periodically to send to on-site construction managers and stay audit-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a system used to manage construction equipment from one place by tracking and monitoring its location, quantity, custodian, and condition in real time – ensuring efficient equipment utilization and minimizing losses.
Construction equipment tracking and inventory tracking offer users a myriad of benefits. For instance, users can prevent asset and inventory theft, stay updated using alerts, and generate reports to analyze data.

Tracking systems can help users stay compliant with the regulations by efficiently monitoring and ensuring that safety standards are being followed while maintaining assets and inventory. Heavy equipment inventory software helps users achieve compliance and excellence in business operations.
Such an app helps track and monitor assets using a mobile device. It’s easy to use and helps on-site managers quickly scan asset labels to checkout/ checkin, reserve an asset and send it for service. Heavy equipment tracking software has mobile apps that support managing construction inventory and assets.

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