Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management



Asset tracking that’s both powerful and intuitive.

Asset Management


EZOfficeInventory is the leading web-based asset tracking software. You can access asset information from any device, any place, and at any time.

Asset Lifecycle Management

End-to-end asset lifecycle management from procurement to retirement. Add and track asset purchase orders, vendors, maintenance histories, and lifetime costs.

Asset Stock & Inventory Module

Along with assets, asset stock and consumable items such as inventory can also be tracked by location. Get low stock alerts and transfer stock across sites with ease.

Quick Check in & Check out

Use our leading-edge equipment management software to streamline check-in and checkout of IT assets – such as desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and peripherals – empowering operations personnel to ensure asset information is always up to date.

Mobile Apps

Use our Android, iOS and Windows apps to scan Barcodes and QR Codes in an instant. You can also take mass actions on items any time, from any location.

Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar shows you which assets and asset stock are available, reserved, checked out or under maintenance. Filter data by time period, group or location.

Dashboard Calendar

Quickly see what item events are taking place on any given day using the Dashboard Calendar, or toggle forward or ahead for additional information.


The Reservations module enables you to plan ahead and ensure conflict-free bookings. This comes bundled with an availability calendar and reservation alerts.

Purchase Orders

Keep track of Purchase Orders alongside your assets. Automatically update items linked to Purchase Orders, and manage vendors and procurement costs all from one place.

RFID Asset Tracking

Use an external RFID reader to scan large quantities of items in seconds. You can then take mass-actions on these items from your iOS app. Android support to follow.

GPS Location

Each scan of an asset label reveals details including geo-location, IP address and other useful information. Both QR Codes and Barcodes are supported.

Label Scanner and Designer

Create professional-grade labels of different sizes, styles and formats using the label designer. You can also use third-party scanners or our free mobile app to quickly scan Barcodes and QR Codes.

Excel Import and Export

Use our dynamic import wizard to import and export asset information. This makes adding, updating and downloading asset information a breeze.

History Tracking

Having a detailed history trail of items helps you track the general trends in asset usage, see how they evolve over time, and optimize asset utilization accordingly


Manage asset meta locations with our rich locations feature. Linking assets to field locations enables you to distribute and use assets efficiently.


Set multi-format custom fields for items and carts, including fields for dates and dropdowns. You can also customize email alerts.

Groups and Subgroups

Classify assets into groups and subgroups for clarity and ease of use. You can also define custom fields, service triage and visibility based on groups.


Our asset tracking software enables you to take actions on multiple items using carts. Track projects across locations, and save time by using cart templates for similar events.

Packages and Bundles

Use Packages for assets that need to be listed separately yet treated as a single entity, or Bundle items together based on classification and usage.

Company URL

The Company URL feature allows you to use your company’s subdomain as a URL for your EZOfficeInventory account.


Integrate EZOfficeInventory with other systems using our REST based APIs. Choose a Platinum package for extended API service.

Dashboard Counters

Toggle between useful metrics for assets, carts, POs, and more. This gives you a bird's eye view of all that's happening in your organization, and allows you to take quick actions.

Depreciation Management

Our sophisticated depreciation management enables you to track depreciation and run reports so you can lower overheads and seek out improvements.

Flexible Item Reservations

Enable flexible item reservations with ‘Fuzzy Lists’. These allow you to add placeholder items to carts, to be populated with specifics lat


Audits help monitor regular checkpoints in the asset life cycle. Verify asset possession by having custodians acknowledge ownership or scan asset labels.

Calibration Management

Improve calibration turn-around time by setting up custom alerts. You can use this to get notifications about calibration schedules of your equipment, ensuring they're always in top shape.

Tool Management

You can manage the calibration and maintenance schedules of your tools on the go. Ensure greater visibility by tracking them to their exact locations, checking status, and viewing historical data.


It offers a central location to store your contracts. You can maintain your contracts related to procurement, maintenance, and insurance within the EZOfficeInventory platform to never lose sight of important renewals that are due soon.

User Management

Custom Roles

Set up granular access control by creating Custom Roles to specify the information that a user can access and the actions that they can take.

Access Control

Limit visibility of certain items based on item group, location, or both. This is particularly useful when managing different departments or teams within an organization.


Increase control by requiring administrator approval before employees are able to reserve and check items out from the system.

Login enabled

Choose to have members log in to the system to update asset information. You can also disable this for members you’d like to assign items to yourself.

Employee ID Scan

Check out assets to employees by using our mobile app to scan their ID barcodes. Scans ensure a speedy checkout process.

Password Policy

Create a detailed password policy for your staff based on your business preferences, and set a custom expiry period for all passwords.

Login with Google/Outlook

Sign in to EZOfficeInventory using your Google or credentials. We aim for simplification and functionality, all bundled into one!


Bolster security and simplify authentication processes by giving users a single URL to sign in with using SAML SSO.

LDAP Server Integration

LDAP servers store directory data. You can enable employees in your organization to use their LDAP credentials to access their account.

Employee Offboarding

EZOfficeInventory empowers administrators to coordinate and plan an employee's offboarding process via Employee Offboarding that allows them to assess and retrieve the assets that had been checked out.

Maintenance Management

Service Triage

Automatically put items into service upon check-in. This makes maintenance workflows a lot smoother and significantly lowers equipment downtimes.

Service Tickets

Create tickets to schedule and keep track of maintenance events. Add notes and service details such as costs, maintenance dates, and associated vendors.

Recurring Services

Plan preventive maintenance management using our CMMS-compliant software. Set service cycles to repeat to ensure assets get serviced regularly.

Maintenance Alerts

Send out alerts to relevant parties on service initiation, completion, extension, or comments. The alert emails can also be customized.

Integrate with Zendesk

Our Zendesk integration helps you quickly identify maintenance problems. Flag up what needs to be worked on and gain more detailed servicing insights.

Service Vendor Management

Use CMMS Software to manage maintenance providers with the Vendors module. Record the type, number and cost of services to optimize maintenance workflows.

Scheduled Maintenance

Plan maintenance on assets well in advance. Scheduling service tickets enables flawless preventive maintenance management.

Service History

This provides a snapshot of all service events relating to a specific asset. Track trends in cost and keep tabs on service type to improve asset productivity.

Reports and Notifications

Custom Alerts

Send email-based reminders for specific events, choose which alerts get sent out, and customize email content for each alert type.

Custom Reports

Our equipment management software comes with extensive productivity-boosting reports. You can also create a custom report for analysis, or load a saved template.

Data Backups

Want snapshots of your data to be available for offline use? Automate data exports to Dropbox on regular intervals. You can even sync all your documents to Dropbox with the click of a button.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule custom reports to be sent to company users at regular intervals to eliminate time spent gathering, compiling, and sharing this data.

Report Exports

You can export both default and custom reports as a PDF or CSV file. You can also upload them to dropbox to easily share data with Staff Users.

Customized Views

Define what you want to see and how you want to see it. Use the grid view for a detailed listing and the thumbnail view for visuals.

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