Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Fixed Asset Tracking

Track Fixed Assets to Maximize Value and Return

Effortlessly track the availability status, location, and depreciation of your fixed assets with our fixed asset software!

Maximize Asset Utilization and Efficiency with Fixed Asset Management Solution

Efficiently manage your fixed assets by streamlining fixed asset tracking

Check in/ check out assets and reserve assets when needed

Stay updated on the location and custodian details at all times

Regulate asset usage with custom reports and analytics

Reduce overheads associated with ghost assets and theft

Run audits by directly scanning asset labels with our mobile app

Revolutionize Fixed Asset Management

Conduct data analysis as per your needs

Inability to categorize and visually present data can deter you from making quick decisions on a daily basis.
Evaluate performance goals, such as cost reduction, asset optimization and compliance tracking by generating custom reports. Use data visualization tools like graphs and charts to interpret complex information.

Reduce instances of ghost assets and theft

Does your business also suffer from high costs due to lost assets?
Use comprehensive asset records, including purchase receipts and location information to trace asset movements. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to asset data by implementing access controls, such as who can view, edit, or transfer assets.

Achieve compliance and become audit-ready

Stay compliant with your industry regulations by improving your asset management practices.
Ensure compliance with accounting standards and tax regulations by automatically calculating and tracking asset depreciation using straight line and declining balance methods. Generate reports for regular follow-ups and upgrade your daily operations.

Complete Fixed Asset Management Software

Add value to your workflows with EZOfficeInventory’s user-friendly features

Use Barcodes and QR Codes

Mass scan assets with our iOS and Android apps in seconds. Design and create custom labels with barcodes. Tag your assets with labels and quickly scan the tags to checkout/ checkin and reserve assets.

Expedite Checkins / Checkouts

Easily checkin/checkout assets to users, assign locations and track their quantities. Scan items when an action needs to be taken to save time in retrieving asset details. Enable quick checkin/ check out to conduct actions from the dashboard.

Track inventory items

Manage your materials and consumables across locations with ease. Maintain optimal level of inventory by automatically updating inventory quantities and setting stock thresholds. Track the movement of inventory for timely updates.

Manage the Asset Lifecycle

Easily manage fixed assets throughout their lifecycle from procurement to disposal. Assess equipment condition and availability directly from the system and ensure that your asset is well maintained.

Conduct Periodic Audits

Carry out seamless audits and maintain compliance with industry standards. Ensure that all your assets are accounted for to reduce discrepancies. Check if your assets are in the right location and with the right custodian.

Enable Alerts & Notifications

Customize alerts to stay updated and send out relevant emails to the right people. Schedule alerts to be sent in intervals. Also, hold alerts to reduce email clutter and to make sure only relevant people are notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed assets are long-term assets that are not for resale and are intended to be used for more than one year. They are tangible, depreciable, and illiquid assets that help drive business operations.
Fixed assets are long-term investments that aid the production process. They help stabilize cash flows, provide tax benefits associated with depreciation, and add to a business’s financial value.
Fixed asset inventory software is a consolidated platform designed to manage and track an organization’s fixed asset inventory, such as backup machinery and equipment, throughout its lifecycle. It helps establish greater control over inventory by centralizing asset information and monitoring asset details.
Small and medium businesses can manage their assets using fixed asset management software. Such software allows small businesses to develop greater visibility into their assets and manage their assets from one place more efficiently. Users can check in/ check out assets, reserve and book them when required.

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