Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Non Profit Asset Tracking Software

Non-Profit Asset and Inventory Management

Reliable resource tracking – so you focus on the mission

Track mission-critical assets and inventory to minimize response time for better performance on the field.

Sustainable Non-Profit Asset Tracking with Accurate Results

Manage costs and cut down discrepancies for your non-profit by:

Keeping a lean inventory by tracking stock levels

Reducing theft and loss through location tracking

Improving accountability for donors via equipment audits

Maximize Impact with Efficient Resource Management

Track How Donations Are Utilized

List all equipment sourced through funds in your asset management system and track them throughout their lifecycle to ensure optimal performance. Retain usage history to make informed and cost-effective procurement decisions.

Enable Quicker Impact Management

Quickly scan and checkout items in a few clicks during time-critical missions. Easily assign users and instantly receive and approve item requests for faster collaboration on the field, at the office, and on the go.

Maintain Transparency in Everything You Do

Conduct audits to assess the condition and value of assets to account for maintenance expenses. Run data-backed reports to present operational activities to stakeholders and make a case for future funding.

Make Non-profit Management Simple With Our Software

Mobile asset tracking

Checkout, reserve, and flag items for maintenance directly from the field. Get updated information about assets during critical missions via mobile access.

Role-based permissions

Keep your data secure by allowing only specific roles to access sensitive information. Create different roles across the organization to clearly define responsibilities.

Depreciation management

Estimate current asset value with easy depreciation management. File taxes using accurate records and maintain transparency throughout the donation process.

Custom reports

Run data-driven custom reports tailored to the interests of stakeholders. View data over time, make visual graphs, and schedule reports for seamless management.

Instant alerts

Get notified every time checkouts, reservations, and maintenance requests are added. Take quick actions to prevent any lags, and deliver promptly during missions.

Multiple integrations

Integrate with apps for secure data backups, and swift service ticket resolution. Streamline operations with centralized asset tracking at one reliable platform.

Choose the Right Software for Your Non-profit Niche

Community Development

Plan projects effectively with automated stock management, and routine inspection checks for tools, construction material, and machinery.

Art & Culture

Easily plan procurement, manage inventory and schedule maintenance of exhibition materials, artistic equipment, and avenues.

Social Services

Minimize item loss, save costs and manage donations related to housing, outreach vehicles, and resources for community assistance.

Environmental Conservation

Stay compliant with regulatory standards, custom details and mobile access for research equipment, vehicles, and field resources.

Health & Medical Services

Reserve critical equipment, stock medical consumables, and prepare emergency kits related to healthcare equipment and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-profits usually own properties such as office buildings, service delivery centers, warehouses. Other assets include vehicles, furniture, and consumables. All these can be tracked using asset management software.
An asset management system is designed to record accurate information that results in streamlined operations and minimized loss of items leading to cost savings. It acts as a central platform for easy access of information for all the stakeholders involved.
Non-profit organizations can use an asset management system to track item locations to verify stock quantities present in different warehouses. They can calculate depreciation on all assets to obtain current value to file for taxes and funds.

Key Resources for Non-Profit Asset Management Software

Heroes Restoration

“We were looking for a system that provides us the best value for our needs,” says Avi Gunzburg . “We are tracking just about everything on [EZOfficeInventory].”

Wildlife Conservation Society

“We have managed to get $0.5 million worth of equipment off the books by using lifecycle management in EZOfficeInventory for asset lifecycle management”. Olly Griffin

Non-Profit Asset Management

Asset management for non-profits helps monitor funds allocation to attain maximum benefits. Track usage, develop risk mitigation strategies and file taxes using asset management software.

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