Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Government Asset Tracking

Government Asset Tracking

Organize Government Assets for Faster Public Operations

Expedite operations by efficiently tracking, and monitoring critical assets using our government asset tracking software! Ensure quick response times with speedy asset search.

Streamline Public Works with Enhanced Local Government Asset Management

Improve government facilities by addressing logistical challenges instantly:

Centralize asset information in an asset register

Check in/check out or reserve assets with ease

Automate location tracking across multiple locations

Maintain transparency by assigning custodians to public assets

Run speedy audits to flag assets needing special care

Manage Public Assets with Ease and Convenience

Track Government Assets Faster and Better

Manual asset tracking mechanisms can lead to asset loss and theft, and take more time and effort than needed.
Improve efficiency by consolidating critical details of government assets into a single, easily accessible repository. Add details such as item name, asset identification number (AIN), procurement date, and more for easy identification.

Conduct Quick Analysis

Analyzing where and how assets have been used can be tedious and stressful, especially to attain local funds.
Generate detailed reports and graphs to outline your expenses and analyze how the funds have been allocated. You can evaluate key metrics to assess asset performance and whether public agencies have utilized the resources efficiently.

Standardize Procurement Practices

Lack of asset visibility and inefficient procurement management can lead to duplicate assets and high costs.
Asset tracking with QR codes and barcodes ensures constant asset accessibility, helping analyze asset needs better. This way, you can procure only the required assets through a well-defined channel.

Enhance Local Government Inventory Management to Minimize Costs

A centralized solution to all your inventory management challenges

Develop a consolidated inventory repository

Enter item information, including name, identification number and quantity to generate detailed records

Set reorder points to automatically procure new items

Schedule alerts when stock falls below certain thresholds

Mention stock prices to keep an account of the expenses

Generate inventory reports to assess where and in what quantities assets have been utilized

Expedite Service Delivery using Our Government Asset Management Software

Checkin/checkout faster

Assign assets to the relevant staff and track their quantity and location at all times. Enable quick checkin/checkout to complete these actions directly from the dashboard.

Customize the dashboard

Add KPIs and financial metrics to track underutilized resources, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies. Design the dashboard as per your own needs for easy accessibility and use.

Manage inventory

Add, delete, and edit inventory items to allow their timely tracking and retrieval for public projects. Procure new items and ensure job sites are well-supplied with consumables.

Enhance facilities management

Keep detailed asset records to stay updated with the state of your assets. Schedule maintenance in advance to reduce equipment downtime and optimize repair costs.

Stack items together

Leverage bundles to create a group of items used together on government projects. Save time and effort checking associated items out together and tracking them at the same time.

Reserve items beforehand

Check the availability calendar to assess the availability of assets and reserve them on spot to avoid schedule clashes. Ensure no assets are booked simultaneously for different purposes.

Choose the Right Asset Management Software for Local Government Operations

Public Works

Check in/ check out assets related to roads, bridges, utilities, and public buildings, including heavy infrastructure.

Public Safety

Ensure assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and technology used by police, fire, and emergency services are well-maintained.


Track the location and condition of frequently used vehicles, and equipment related to transportation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Government asset management is a process involving the recording, monitoring and tracking of government assets to expedite daily workflows. It also includes disposing of assets used at county and municipal levels to manage them in the most cost-effective manner.
A government inventory management system is a specialized SaaS-based solution that helps government organizations track, manage, and control inventory items for optimized performance. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Creating a centralized inventory database
  • Importing items using PDF, CSV and Excel formats
  • Tracking item location
  • Generating barcodes and QR codes to scan items
  • Setting customized dashboards to display and measure financial metrics
  • Enabling access control permissions for enhanced security
These factors make it easier to conduct government inventory tracking and manage daily operations better.
Some major benefits government agencies can leverage using an asset management solution include:
  • Track high-value, critical assets in real time to avoid asset theft and loss
  • Scan assets using barcode technology to import items into the system
  • Keep procurement records to avoid purchasing duplicate assets
  • Bundle items together to be used together
  • Integrate with service ticketing systems to handle repair and service requests

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Government Asset Management

With EZOfficeInventory, you can maintain a comprehensive record of assets and track their movement to avoid asset theft and loss.

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