Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Tool Tracking Software

Tool Tracking Software

Centralize Tool Data In One Place

Minimize tool loss, reduce costs, and stay organized by tracking and monitoring tools across locations with our intuitive cloud-based tools management software.

Intelligent and Optimized Tool Tracking Processes

Boost Efficiency with our Tool Management Software

Tag tools with Barcodes, QR Codes, and RFID Technology

Track tools across assignees and multiple locations

Generate custom reports to analyze information

Experience access on the go with the mobile app

Paving the Path for Efficient Tool Management

Locate Tools in No Time

Finding it difficult to locate tools?
Use asset labels to track and monitor asset movements. Design custom labels and consolidate asset details into one easily scannable code, and simplify data access and retrieval with our barcode generator. Never lose your investments due to lost assets again!

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Sifting through tons of data can delay decision making when you have hundreds of assets to manage.
Enhance data visibility by generating graphs, scheduling reports and filtering data by groups or categories for better understanding. Expedite the reporting process by centralizing tool utilization and tool performance data.

Manage Tools Anytime, Anywhere

Executing tasks efficiently can be challenging if you face roadblocks, such as unavailable assets.
Check your asset’s availability quickly by using our mobile application for both iOS and Android. Handle operational workflows, request new tools, and collaborate with off-site teams with complete mobile access at all times. Ensure all your team members have access to all tool-related information through timely and automatic updates.

Maintaining the Right Tools for the Right Teams

Field Teams

Access automated inventory logs to enable field teams to locate equipment, update their details, and place new stock requests easily.

Warehouse Teams

Procure and allocate tools, fulfill pick tickets, and schedule deliveries to help workers save time and optimize processing.

Office Teams

Streamline administrative duties and provide immediate access to field data, enabling the management to generate accurate reports.

End-to-end Tool Management

Tool management takes seconds when you have a tool inventory management software!

Organize Tools Easily

You can easily check items in and out, assign custody to the field crew, and organize tools based on location, project, or team. Maintain detailed inventory logs to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding a project.

Bundle Up Inventory Items

Add multiple items that are frequently used together in Bundles to easily reserve and check out items for a particular project. You can print similar labels and check these items out together, saving time and effort.

Checkout Multiple Tools

Use our Carts feature to check out multiple tools needed for an upcoming project or event. Check each tool’s availability and add, move, and remove tools as needed. Add details for the selected cart by using custom fields.

Make Timely Reservations

Efficiently allocate resources and maximize asset utilization by determining tool availability. Reserve tools needed for future projects in advance to avoid conflicting bookings.

Manage Warehouses Instantly

Manage tools based in different warehouses through regular audits and inspections. Administer inventory control by assessing inventory location, quantity, and lifecycle stage to ensure optimal inventory levels.

Ensure Fast Tool Procurement

Create effective procurement routines for uninterrupted projects. Use purchase orders to place new orders, get them approved from management, and add vendor details, streamlining the procurement process.

Expedite Tool Tracking with Our Tool Inventory Management System

A consolidated tool inventory software for your inventory management needs

Maintain a comprehensive inventory database

Generate a detailed profile for each tool

Create reservations to manage tool availability and usage

Set user settings to limit access on actions for tools

Integrate with Zendesk to streamline service tickets for your tool inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a system used to manage business tools from a centralized hub by tracking and monitoring their location, quantity, custodian, and condition in real-time – ensuring efficient tool utilization and minimizing losses.
There are various methods to track tools, including tagging assets with barcodes and QR codes, using RFID technology, entering location information, and using the mobile application.
A tracking system reduces loss and theft by tracking each tool’s location, custodian, and status. Audits ensure the count of tools in the system matches the physical count. You can also receive alerts if a tool has not been returned within a set timeframe.
EZOfficeInventory actively provides customer support to users through onboarding training, chat, phone calls, and dedicated support sessions. Customers are assigned designated customer service representatives who stay in touch with the customers, ensuring a great customer experience.
Yes, you can import your existing data into EZOfficeInventory if it is stored in PDF, Excel, or CSV forms.

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“We are able to look at what is available in the system and make reliable promises to our customers,” – Scott Davis


“We have had 7 or 8 new employees and we have gone through a 30-minute training on the system for all of them, which is all you need,” – Ethan Millier

Tool Tracking System

EZOfficeInventory enables automated tool tracking allowing businesses to efficiently manage, track and monitor tools from one place.

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