Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Education Asset Tracking Software

Education Asset Management Software

Strategic Education Asset Tracking

Seamlessly manage educational assets for enhanced learning and improved intra-campus collaboration.

Implement Smart Education Asset Management

Empower educational institutions by:

Tracking the number, location, and count of valuable educational equipment

Optimizing resource allocation by assessing equipment needs

Reserving assets in advance to hold lectures on time

Generating reports to gain insights into lifecycle costs and budget allocation

Conducting audits to flag underused assets

Enhance Learning with Advanced School Asset Management System

Avoid Asset Loss

Track a mix of remote and on-site resources, from lab equipment to library collections. Use real-time GPS tracking with live coordinates to monitor asset movement. Ensure timely equipment transit, checkin, and checkout through location tracking.

Manage Research and Training

Organize educational training and meet educational asset needs by grouping assets, including laboratory supplies and grant-funded resources. Check these assets out in bundles when needed.

Develop Collaboration

Assign roles to school asset managers, such as educational trainers, with restricted access and controls. Streamline asset tracking and asset allocation in colleges while ensuring all educational needs are met.

Expedite Resource Management with Faster Workflows

Quickly Checkin/Out

Efficiently check in/out equipment and inventory for university stakeholders – including Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and special needs supplies – using barcode tags.

Manage assets on-the-go

Use the mobile app to scan and track equipment with our iOS and Android apps. Manage equipment in different educational laboratories using one system.

Schedule asset reservation

Improve project planning and avoid conflicting reservations by using the Availability Calendar to check what equipment is available, checked out, or under maintenance.

Simplify logins

Leverage Single Sign-on, through LDAP and SAML, to enable research teams and collaborators to log into their EZOfficeInventory accounts with their institutional credentials.

Automate reports

Generate detailed reports on asset utilization, inventory consumption and asset checkout for data analysis. Schedule reports to be sent to educational stakeholders. Create graphs and charts for enhanced readability.

Send Alerts Periodically

Enable campus-wide alerts to keep departments updated about asset checkout and maximize transparency across all departments. Use Alert Holding to pause emails for a specific time.

Streamline Departmental Asset Management

Leverage our higher education asset management software for easy operations

Academic Services

Maintain a detailed asset register to manage educational materials and student resources. Centralize asset data for easy accessibility.

Research and Development

Set purchase order approvals to seek permission from higher authorities for acquiring R&D resources from the grant funds.

Student Affairs

Enable students and staff to request resources for recreational facilities, student centers, and training events without logging into the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Higher education asset management system is a consolidated solution that helps automate the asset tracking processes by allowing asset managers to track and monitor educational assets in universities and colleges – developing greater visibility into their daily activities.

Asset tracking for education plays a pivotal role in:

  1. Inventory management: Keep track of asset and equipment inventory, ensuring no resource is lost. Track inventory to keep the minimum stock level at all times. 
  2. Maintenance planning: Maintain your assets regularly and keep maintenance history to ensure no asset is outdated, especially scientific equipment. 
  3. Regulatory compliance: Ensure equipment safety and stay compliant with regulations set by the educational authorities. 
  4. Data automation: Keep a detailed record of all your assets in one asset register and take advantage of critical asset details.
An educational asset could be anything that helps improve the educational processes and streamlines workflows at schools, training centers, and labs. Examples include a combination of assets, like PCs, cameras, monitors, books, furniture, and other supplies.

Key Resources for School Asset Management Software

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“Checkins and checkouts in EZOfficeInventory have cut the management time by at least 50%.”
- Sandra Walker

Harvard University

“It has helped us optimize stock levels so we are not buying too much and never running too low.” - Lillian Delgado

School Asset Management

Manage all your school assets from a centralized and automated platform for smooth asset tracking.

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