Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Emergency Management

Asset Management for Emergency Management Services

Keeping First Responders Well-Equipped in Crisis Management

Enhance emergency readiness with specialized tracking for all your equipment. Quick actions to locate items in crisis situations ensure first responders are never slowed down!

A centralized repository for tracking all your mission-critical equipment

Lower response times with precise asset management

Know where your assets are located and in what quantities for faster checkouts– saving search time. Simply scan assets to check them out for missions, enabling teams to gather everything they need, whenever and wherever.

Ensure mission safety with well-maintained equipment

Avoid unexpected equipment failures by scheduling regular service events. Tools and equipment in optimal condition ensure safe and secure missions – minimizing chances of dangerous accidents on the scene.

Collaborate effectively for better team performance

Assign emergency gear to respective roles in your organization. Cater to first-responder requests for assets as soon as they come in to expedite the process. Notify teams regarding warranties and maintenance,and provide stock updates to ensure nothing gets delayed.

Powerful Asset Tracking Software for Emergency Management Teams

Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

Deploy equipment requests using a portal to ensure immediate action is taken minimizing response time. Bundle together assets so first-responders check-out all that they need.

Run Audits to Verify Asset Ownership

Organize audits to verify items available at a location making it easier for front liners to access assets. Flag out damaged or lost equipment so that replacements can be called in on time.

Rotate Stock, Prevent Inventory Decay

Manage critical supplies efficiently to ensure inventory is always available and usable. Record expiry dates and stock levels in your system to facilitate rotation and prevent waste.

Strategically Use Equipment Insights

Prepare insightful reports on equipment performance and identify bottlenecks to dispose of obsolete assets. Track inventory consumption to track usage set stock thresholds.

Streamline Location Management

Track items from any county, city, street or warehouse, creating location maps for every mission. Location tracking enables faster response time and improved coordination.

Track Assets Right from the Field

Use the barcode scanning in our mobile app to monitor assets deployed in the field during events like drills, shelter operations, and community outreach.

EZOfficeInventory – offering solutions for all front liners

Carry out quick asset checkouts, schedule maintenance and ensure optimal stock levels for time-critical missions.



Healthcare Workers


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Run the World's #1 Asset Tracking Software

“EZOfficeInventory is intuitive to use. I can schedule the use of equipment immediately or months in advance. I can leave notes to my colleagues about what the equipment will be set to and if they can share it for the duration of my reservation. EZOfficeInventory emails me when reservations are ending and allows me to email colleagues about their reservations.”

Senior Lab Tech Public Safety

“Easy access from mobile to desktop. Ability for multiple partners to view current inventory and track where assigned assets are placed.”

Program Coordinator Law Enforcement

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