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Here’s how EZOfficeInventory has helped its customers grow over the years.
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EZOfficeInventory has enabled KAYAK to manage assets, maintenance workflows, a great deal of data, and even manage the needs of new hires! This has helped them seamlessly transition their assets into a unified system of administration over the period of a single year.

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Citizen Systems Europe

Citizen Systems Europe, established in 1964, is a subsidiary of the renowned Citizen Group. A leading manufacturer of innovative commercial printing solutions, it offers services to diverse markets across the EMEA region. EZOfficeInventory has helped them gain complete visibility into asset movements and facilitated efficient team collaboration for seamless events.

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Gateway Church

Gateway Church is a non profit operating in 13 locations across the Dallas/Fort Worth region. With over 39,000 active members and 500 employees, the church uses EZOfficeInventory for in-depth customizations, streamlined reservations, and reduced asset processing times.

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AX Construction

AX Construction is a renowned Maltese construction company established in 1975. It has seen tremendous growth in its projects and revenue over the past years. EZOfficeInventory has helped them become the most organized construction company in the region by enabling seamless collaboration across construction sites and teams.

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Techfront Australia

Techfront Australia supplies, installs, operates, and manages digital media requirements for major sporting events and retail customers nationwide. EZOfficeInventory has helped them improve workflows and accountability across dozens of locations as well as lower costs with fewer lost/damaged items.

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Pygmalios is a Slovakia-based technology company that offers analytics software to improve store performance. Its real-time in-store analytics platform provides actionable business steps for 400+ stores. EZOfficeInventory has helped them track all their sensors, eliminate all instances of equipment loss, and improve the company’s IT security.

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Township of Hamilton

The Township of Hamilton Rescue is a non profit organization that helps save lives. EZOfficeInventory has enabled them to organize their maintenance routine through scheduled services and custom alerts, helping them be confident in the reliability of life-saving equipment!

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Antioch College

Antioch College is a small Liberal Arts College with a big history and mission.They focus on providing their students with real-world work experiences. EZOfficeInventory helps them achieve conflict-free booking of equipment for streamlined class schedules, enhanced student accountability, and cost savings with fewer lost and damaged items.

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Parkview Baptist School

The Parkview Baptist School has over 1200 students enrolled from pre-K to grade 12 and technology is an important part of learning at the school. Depending on their grade level, students are assigned iPads or laptops, and the complementary accessories as well. With such a large student body and many high-ticket assets to track, Parkview Baptist turned to EZOfficeInventory to help seamlessly manage all devices and accessories while still being flexible enough to fit their unique workflows.

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Linear Clinical Research

Linear Clinical Research is a renowned clinical trials facility operating out of Perth, Australia. Established in 2010 and rapidly growing since then, they have conducted over 350 clinical trials to date. EZOfficeInventory has enabled them to streamline their asset management with automated asset lifecycle management and real-time visibility into every asset.

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