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Case Study

EZOfficeInventory Helps Donelli Cut Rental Spending, Gain Control Over Assets Across Multiple Locations

Donelli is a leading provider of corrosion and fire protection services across Europe and the Balkans. Established in 1911, their team of 275 employees currently works on a range of projects including industrial sites, petrochemical plants, and power generation facilities. The services include anti-corrosion coating and lining, passive fire protection, insulation, waterproofing, consultancy services in this field and more. The group is headquartered in Italy, but has focused on rapidly establishing local partnerships to initiate projects in new markets in countries like Albania and Mozambique.

In 2014, as the enterprise moved rapidly towards digitization, they switched to EZOfficeInventory to overcome the multiple challenges of manual equipment tracking. With the increasing scale of operations, the company found that manually tracking equipment through excel files and magnetic boards was leading to operational inefficiencies and lost/misplaced and underutilized equipment. The switch to EZOfficeInventory was part of automating and optimizing asset management.

A “cockpit view” of equipment leads to enhanced efficiency

With an increasing number of projects across different countries, Donelli manages a wide range of equipment and understands the importance of maintaining complete visibility over it. Currently, they are tracking over 2000 items with EZOfficeInventory. These include anything from small tools for corrosion protection work such as spray pumps to heavy equipment like forklifts and cranes.

Luca Donelli, market development manager, explains that EZOfficeinventory provides them with a “cockpit view” of the equipment owned by the company making it easy to track, maintain and retire Items.

With their equipment logged into a centralized system, they are able to quickly and efficiently assign the correct items to projects. EZOfficeInventory enables them to record relevant details such as the asset’s size, weight, hours under service and operating capacity. This is useful in identifying and dispatching the correct equipment based on the unique requirements of their projects. It eliminated the time consuming and inefficient process of collecting this information manually from disparate sources.

Complete control across multiple locations

Having a holistic picture of the locations of their projects and equipment is extremely helpful for Donelli. Over the years, they have expanded their operations beyond Europe into East Africa and the Mediterranean. The map below shows the number of locations the company is currently undertaking projects in.

EZOfficeInventory enables Donelli to properly schedule the delivery of their assets across various locations. They are able to check the availability status of their equipment as well as its usage during projects. For example, if a particular piece of heavy equipment has been used to a certain limit and needs to be serviced before further use, they can easily track that in EZOfficeInventory, increasing equipment life in the long run.

Also, as the equipment is spread across a vast geographic region, it is extremely useful to see exactly what equipment is being checked in and out of which site and by whom, ensuring a traceable line of accountability.

Agility with the mobile application

As most projects undertaken by Donelli are done on-site, the mobile application is an extremely functional companion for the on-site team. It enables them to scan relevant documentation, perform quick check-ins and checkouts with a simple scan, while the head office back in Milan gets real time updates as the web app gets updated simultaneously.

Bundling assets together for convenient check outs

Since Donelli is working on a diverse range of projects, each one requires specific sets of equipment. This is where EZOfficInventory has enabled them to add efficiency and save time.

With a centralized database of all their items, they can easily pull together items that would be required for projects into bundles and check them out quickly. This allows Donelli to deploy assets efficiently and makes it easier to track what assets are in use on a particular project. It also ensures that there are no delays for the teams on the ground and they always have the equipment needed to get the job done for their customers.

Cost saving via optimized use of company equipment

With manual systems, Donelli had limited visibility into their inventory and often had to rent out equipment from external vendors. The costs would pile up, cutting down on the profits margins.

EZOfficeInventory enables Donelli to easily track the availability of their equipment. With just a few clicks, they know which equipment is available at what location. This ensures that the business does not end up renting a piece of equipment that is already available in their inventory. Luca believes that the company has been able to cut rental on the outside by 20% since they began using asset management software, improving their KPIs for revenue and profit margin.

Adapting to digitization with “EZOfficeInventory champions”

Donelli has been committed to the digitization of their asset management procedures for over a decade now. They have selected several employees called “EZOfficeInventory champions” who are tasked with getting company employees across multiple sites and locations trained in using the software.

The goal is to ensure that team members are able to use the software to monitor and track their assets effectively. This is made more accessible due to the intuitive and easy-to-use UI and responsive support team.

The value in EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory has fully streamlined asset management and internal communication for Donelli. Effective communication also results in improved coordination between different departments. Donelli are able to cut down on the logistical time required for the transport of equipment by preplanning and improving coordination between the project managers and the head office.

The result: A business advantage which has helped them be competitive in Europe.

“EZOfficeInventory is an extremely valuable choice in digital asset management,” concludes -Luca.


  • Construction


  • Milan


Using Since

  • 2014

Key Challenges

  • Location management across two continents
  • Misplaced and underutilized equipment
  • Inefficient coordination between teams

Big Wins

  • Optimized use of equipment.
  • Improved KPIs for revenue and profit margin.
  • Saved time due to streamlined communication
  • Enhanced equipment life with preventive maintenance

Favorite Features

  • Locations/Bundles
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Mobile Application

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