Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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EZOfficeInventory Empowers AiCure with a Consolidated Asset Tracking Platform

AiCure is an artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics company that works with global clients in over 30 countries. Established in 2010, AiCure monitors patient behavior and enables remote patient engagement in clinical trials. They engage directly with patients via smartphones to deliver meaningful, high-quality data around patient behavior.

The insights derived from AiCure’s platform helps companies gain greater understanding of drug efficacy, accelatere timelines, and reduce trial costs.

Manual asset tracking – Identifying the challenges

As the company focuses on deriving actionable patient data, they go one step further to ensure that patients are equipped with the best tools. If the patients of a particular trial don’t have smartphones or if their smartphones are not compatible with the AiCure application, the company deploys smartphones to the site of the trial.

To date, AiCure has deployed smartphones to various sites in over 50 countries. With operations spread out across the globe, and regular deployments dispatched to sites, efficiently tracking their assets is a top priority for AiCure.

The company was previously using Excel sheets which resulted in disparate and unstructured asset tracking data. As operations grew, the manual system could not scale with the business. Multiple team members were using and updating the sheets. This resulted in inefficient tracking, stale information, and duplicate data.

With manual systems disrupting operations, AiCure decided they needed to switch from an aging, homegrown system to a cloud-based software that could serve as a single, consolidated data tracking platform.

Automated, accurate, asset tracking across global locations

Accurate asset tracking is integral for operational success at AiCure. EZOfficeInventory enables the company to efficiently track the Samsung devices they ship to different sites and physicians. Along with the Samsung smartphones, the company also uses EZOfficeInventory to track the employee laptops, hotspots, medications, and debit cards (for trial reimbursement) they send to clinical trial patients.

According to Nick Scotto, Senior Operations Technical Lead, AiCure tracks approximately 13,000 assets with EZOfficeInventory. Since the implementation of EZOfficeInventory, the company’s HR, engineering, and operations departments as well as logistics vendors regularly use the software. The logistics vendors use the software to scan devices, check them out to relevant locations, and track the shipment.

Here are a few EZOfficeInventory features that AiCure uses extensively to streamline their asset tracking and management.

Precise location tracking

With the help of EZOfficeInventory, AiCure has a more efficient location tracking process that enables faster shipping and timely notifications of delivery status. Now whenever the company officials send out a device, they know exactly where it is and how long it has been there. They also utilize custom reports to view the entire location history of a particular asset.

Accurate Billing

EZOfficeInventory has helped AiCure streamline their billing process. The company typically bills their clients on a monthly basis. Clients are charged for every month the devices remain at their site. The finance department at AiCure uses EZOfficeInventory tracking features to identify exactly how many devices are at a particular location. Based on this data, they bill clients for the exact amount of payment due.

‘If we didn’t have EZOfficeInventory, we wouldn’t have been able to track everything from an accounting standpoint in terms of what to bill our clients’, says Nick.

The finance department uses the custom reports feature extensively. Using the data stored in the system, they run focused reports on specific aspects of billing. These reports are then shared with relevant stakeholders within the organization.

Importing bulk items

EZOfficeInventory has helped AiCure save time and improve efficiency by enabling them to perform tasks in bulk – such as importing items. Their team can easily import items directly from Excel sheets into the system. This way any user has the ability to import as many items as needed with a minimum number of clicks.

‘We once had about 1000 assets that needed to be imported at one time so the ability to import bulk items was really helpful’, said Nick.

Everything’s better with the new design

AiCure is particularly enjoying the enhanced user experience of the fully updated and highly intuitive user interface. With new dashboards, improved features and functionalities, the asset management on the whole has improved quite a lot.

‘I like the new dashboards. I like how it functions and looks right now’, says Nick.

EZOfficeInventory provides a way forward

By implementing EZOfficeInventory as a consolidated asset management platform and aligning the asset tracking processes, AiCure has standardized its asset tracking, retiring and procuring processes, and can make informed decisions with real-time data. The adoption of EZOfficeInventory is also a key enabler when it comes to shared asset data for different departments, when previously information existed in silos.

EZOfficeInventory’s simple design and powerful functionality is aligned to Aicure’s organizational structure and future goals. They are already making extensive use of the mobile app and plan on looking into more EZOfficeInventory features to further streamline their asset management operations.


  • Healthcare


  • USA


Number of Locations

  • Four

Key Challenges

  • Manual asset tracking
  • Lack of real-time location tracking
  • Duplication of data

Big Wins

  • Standardized retirement and procurement practices
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Accurate billing

Favorite Features

  • New user interface
  • Bulk import of assets
  • Custom reports

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