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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Case Study

Carlow Dental Centre Optimizes Inventory Management with EZOfficeInventory for Improved Asset Visibility and Staff Productivity

Carlow Dental Center

Carlow Dental Centre (CDC) was established in 2012 by Dr. William Hayfron, Dr Krisztian Sallai and Ballazs Stumpf- Biro. After establishing themselves in Hungary, the owners decided to launch a clinic in Carlow. What started off as a one chair dental institution is now recognized as one of the largest dental practices offering cost-effective, world class services. With over 12 specialized dental surgeons, the clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic and cosmetic dental services.

Switching to EZOfficeInventory for a seamless dental care experience

Carlow Dental Centre currently has over 100 items that need to be tracked on a daily basis. Before switching to EZOfficeInventory, the operations manager used to record everything manually in a book. However, with over 50 employees utilizing the clinical equipment, manually tracking inventory and assets was a big challenge that was prone to errors.

Levente Kosa the current operations manager at CDC recalls some of the roadblocks they faced before they started using EZOfficeInventory:

“After a while we lost items in our purchases and paid for things that we did not really receive.It was very convenient to have a software to view what’s coming in and going out” says Levi.

The most challenging task for CDC was to monitor purchase orders. Without a robust system in place, they struggled with untimely stock outages and missing inventory items. This ultimately led to escalating expenses and it became clear that they needed a change.

After extensive research, CDC decided to transition to EZOfficeInventory in October 2016 to automate workflows. During the past four years, CDC has found the powerful and wide-ranging functionality offered by EZOfficeInventory very effective in streamlining their processes, especially in terms of inventory management.

Running optimized operations with EZOfficeInventory

As soon as CDC shifted to EZOfficeInventory, they noticed a significant improvement in the overall workflows. EZOfficeInventory is cloud-based, which means data could be monitored in real time and no important information was missed.

Levi found EZOfficeInventory highly intuitive and easy to use and reports that collaborating nurses and doctors are comfortable using it as well. The automation offered by EZOfficeInventory has had a major impact in the following areas:

Improved stock visibility through streamlined check-ins and checkouts

Being a clinic, CDC has a lot of medical assets and consumables that need to be rigorously monitored. With the help of EZOfficeInventory, Levi can now register all incoming inventory on the software.This ensures all purchased stock has been recorded as soon as it is received. Inventory information updated in real time on the software makes check-ins and checkouts more efficient.

Everytime a doctor or a nurse needs something they can simply have it checked out with the help of a barcode scanner. This way the software only shows which assets are available at the moment. Improved stock visibility ensures operations at the clinic run smoothly without any conflicts.

Timely inventory replenishment with automated purchase orders

One key area where EZOfficeInventory has made a significant impact is the management of purchase orders. EZOfficeInventory offers a powerful Purchase Orders module that enables the clinic to easily track low stock items and send out timely purchase orders.

Automated procurement cycles enable CDC to monitor whether all purchase requests have been completed. Also, importantly, they keep their cost in control by only paying for items that have been actually received.

“Ever since we have been using EZOfficeInventory, we have been able to eliminate defective inventory items and control our costs” states Levi.

Enhanced asset performance with service and maintenance events

With EZOfficeInventory, Levi has the ability to label all items and upload them into the software. This improves asset visibility for all related actions. For example, Levi has been able to check assets directly into service and view all maintenance related history on the software.

Real time asset history in EZOfficeInventory provides a quick overview of what items are in use and by whom. This allows Levi to control asset movement across clinic staff and service vendors. In addition, the work orders checklists in EZOfficeInventory ensure that CDC is always able to follow medical protocols and remain compliant during service and maintenance of assets.

“I actually started using the services features, it’s a great feature that shows you the cost of maintenance and how long assets were taken out for” explains Levi.

Increased staff productivity by efficient time management

Another important area where Levi has seen improvement is staff productivity. As EZOfficeInventory automates the asset check-in and checkout process, nurses and surgeons don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for items in the stockroom.

With the help of labels, all assets have been assigned a specific code. Staff members can now simply prepare a list of items they need and have the operations manager check them out. This means the clinical staff always have the equipment they require for daily tasks without delays or confusion. They do not have to waste time locating items and can focus on their core task – providing the best care for their patients.

The Future with EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory has been a major part of CDC as it has grown and scaled operations in the last few years. A key advantage of the system is the robust support they continue to receive from the team. If there are any concerns, the highly responsive support team is always quick to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Levi looks forward to feature enhancements regarding inventory management as that would further streamline the functions at the clinic.

“The software is working great for us, I would definitely like to see the inventory feature enhancements as they would be really beneficial for us in the future”.


  • Medical/Healthcare


  • Carlow, Ireland


Using product since

  • October 2016

Key Challenges

  • Missing inventory items
  • Inefficient manual stock management
  • Discrepancies in purchase orders

Big Wins

  • Improved stock visibility
  • Real time asset tracking
  • Automated purchase orders

Favorite Features

  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Services Alerts
  • Availability Calendar

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