Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive Maintenance Software

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Avoid Costly Downtime

Prevent unexpected downtime and reduce operational costs to maximize your return on investment.

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Manage your equipment maintenance with robust preventive maintenance software that streamlines maintenance operations within minutes!

Simplify Maintenance Scheduling and Planning

Experiencing equipment breakdowns that disrupt productivity? Enhance asset reliability, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency with our effective CMMS software. Reduce equipment failure and ensure workplace safety with a reliable preventive maintenance tracker.

Create preventive maintenance templates with checklists, photos, etc

Use the Preventive Maintenance Scheduler to plan and assign tasks

Get real-time insights on compliance and work-order progress

Reduce Maintenance Expenses and Increase Asset Lifespan

Maintenance expenses often pile up, and assets give out before time. Our powerful preventive maintenance software reduces the need for emergency repairs, streamlines maintenance tasks, and tracks work order expenses. It also helps increase the asset lifespan by ensuring timely maintenance.

Calculate maintenance costs for each asset and track the cost of labor

Experience enhanced inventory management and purchase order tracking

Stay on top of your key metrics such as Mean Time to Repair, Mean Time to Failure, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Track Inventory, Minimize Downtime, and Maximize Operational Efficiency

Do you often face delays in your maintenance operations due to the unavailability of parts? Use key asset information and maintenance history to optimize preventive maintenance activities, ensuring maximum efficiency and uninterrupted operations.

Experience enterprise-grade inventory management— keep track of parts, materials, and supplies

Generate reports on the inventory of parts, purchase orders, task completion, and more

Set inventory thresholds and alerts to avoid stockouts and overstocks

Reporting and insights

Many businesses lack data organization and visibility to determine how well they are doing. Use the insights and reporting feature in our preventive maintenance tracking software to track performance and make better decisions. Our robust system ensures compliance with detailed reporting.

Monitor dashboard KPIs providing real-time insight into the preventive maintenance program

Access a customized dashboard for technicians and supervisors

Gain a holistic view of scheduled maintenance and the current status of teams

Key Industries that Need Preventive Maintenance Software




Facilities management


Energy and utilities


Hotels and resorts


Retail and restaurants


Arenas and stadiums

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to schedule inspections, maintenance tasks, and repairs to keep equipment running, prevent unplanned downtime, and ensure optimal performance.
The four types of preventive maintenance are as follows:
  1. Usage-based: Triggered by actual usage of the assets or exposure to environmental factors for future inspection or maintenance.
  2. Calendar/time-based: Scheduled at regular intervals, creating work orders as the date approaches.
  3. Predictive: Proactively schedules corrective actions based on the condition of the equipment, preventing complete failures.
  4. Prescriptive: Analyzes breakdowns, providing insights into their causes and explores options to reduce operational risks.
Preventive maintenance schedules vary depending on the specific equipment. Some examples of preventive maintenance tasks include:
  • Oil changing for vehicles
  • Cleaning and calibrating sensors
  • Inspecting safety systems
  • Repairing equipment
  • Replacing equipment parts

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