Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management


Manufacturing Maintenance Management Software

Intelligent Maintenance Management Solution for Manufacturing

CMMS Maintenance management

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Reduce downtime and improve plant equipment ROI

Maximize plant performance and productivity through efficient maintenance management. Minimize unscheduled downtime and improve equipment reliability with advanced work order tracking

A central work command center to manage all equipment maintenance.

Ensure equipment reliability and safety with a single command center for all your maintenance needs.

CMMS work planner

One-stop maintenance solution for today's manufacturers

Increase equipment reliability for longer useful life

Minimize chances of unexpected breakdowns by setting up preventive maintenance for all your assets. Keep a record of equipment history to investigate instances of prolonged downtime and order replacement parts in time.

Work order tracking to optimize cost and time

Quickly generate work orders and requests directly from the field or floor to accelerate issue resolution. Expedite maintenance by tracking costs, inventory and labor all at a central work platform – giving you improved visibility on production expenses right from the start.

Optimize inventory control

Track inventory costs related to every maintenance task, from beginning to end. Optimize production with end-to-end traceability by automating procurement for every work order.

Improved reporting and decision making

Run accurate reports with real time data for your manufacturing plant to track critical metrics. Use these reports to analyze production yield, implement quality control, and schedule maintenance to reduce machine downtime.

Enhanced team collaboration and performance

Monitor all maintenance tasks your team is working on and conduct regular check-ins to assess progress right from the dashboard. Help team members align goals to meet production targets by tracking performance KPIs.

Actionable insights on asset performance

Get insights on mission critical equipment that are revenue drivers. Get asset performance data such as usage, maintenance history, purchase date and compliance with preventive measures to enhance productivity and production of essential equipment.

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