Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management


CMMS Software: EZO CMMS Feature Overview

Optimize maintenance processes and team performance for
maximum return on investment

Work Order Management

Simplified work order management that provides a complete view of your team’s work

Work Command Center

Team leads and supervisors leverage a centralized view of work order management that provides complete visibility and control over all maintenance operations in the facility – allowing you to quickly respond to urgent requests and take both preventive and reactive actions.

Tracking Work KPIs

Gain instant access to team and operational KPIs to track work progress, assign work orders and stay on top of key maintenance metrics to lower downtime.

Maximize equipment ROI

Prioritize work orders according to their impact on productivity and safety, allowing you to effectively mitigate risks of ineffective equipment planning that lead to high maintenance costs and shortened equipment lifecycles.

EZO CMMS Software Interface - Work Order Management
Asset management lifecycle

Asset Management

Powerful asset management software for efficient inventory tracking and utilization.

Enterprise Grade Asset Management

Manage the complete asset lifecycle at any scale. Easily handle large and complex asset portfolios while remaining compliant and audit ready.

Optimize Asset Lifecycle & Costs

Track the health of your assets and make informed decisions to get the most out of your equipment with appropriate service timing and optimization of maintenance costs.

Insights that Help Boost Asset Utilization

Plan ahead with easy, centralized reporting that provides information on each asset’s current status, consumption and depreciation.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep your most valuable assets in peak condition with seamless  equipment maintenance.

Proactive Tracking of Asset Maintenance

Increase lifespan of equipment and avoid costly downtime through precise work planning and scheduling.

Reduce Maintenance Cost and Maximize Uptime

Mitigate the risk of expensive, reactive repairs and keep equipment operational – leverage timely inspections and checklists to ensure that everything is tracked and reported.

Maintenance Insights that Help You Make the Best Decisions

Get real time feedback on your preventive maintenance process through insights on compliance, work order duration and incomplete check-ins. Instant reporting allows you to share key data with your team for further action.

EZO CMMS Software - Preventive Maintenance
EZO CMMS Software - Parts & Inventory Management

Parts & Inventory Management

Maximize control and visibility through EZO CMMS’ comprehensive inventory management capabilities.

Purchase and Inventory Management, Simplified

Streamline your procurement workflow and ensure purchase accuracy with an integrated approval process on POs, RFQs, and more.

Intuitive Parts Management and Forecasting

Highly efficient spare parts management lowers costs and reduces risks of parts shortages during critical maintenance or unexpected downtimes.

Centralized Vendor Management

Seamlessly integrate contractors and third party vendors into your internal workflows. Vendor management enables you to maintain a central repository and link each company to individual purchase and work orders.

Reports & Analytics

Find and share meaningful insights to optimize maintenance operations.

Discover Insights Quickly

Generate reports to analyze asset utilization, cost and team performance Track important business metrics over time to help you take informed decisions to improve efficiency.

Role-Based Insights

Precise insights for each operational role are easily accessed in custom dashboards, helping drive consistently well-informed decisions by supervisors and technicians about equipment maintenance and labor management.

Audit-Ready Reporting

When it comes to audit, details matter. With a wide range of reporting templates and custom reporting also available, simplify management of your organization’s compliance requirements.

EZO CMMS Software - Reports and Analytics

The EZO Platform

Award-winning, innovative asset intelligence and management solutions, trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

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