Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management


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CMMS Maintenance management

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Seamless campus facilities management for a better, secure learning experience

Prioritize campus maintenance and safety by tracking all maintenance requests in one place. EZO CMMS allows you to track asset ownership, automate inventory management and reduce downtime to ensure uninterrupted learning at all times.

Manage your institution's day-to-day operations effortlessly with maintenance management software

A single maintenance management software to track and optimize all campus operations with ease

CMMS work planner

One-stop maintenance solution for all your campus needs

Improve campus safety

Address classroom and campus maintenance needs as soon as they come in through a central command center. Track all checklists to ensure safety standards are met, to provide a secure learning environment for both faculty and students.

Minimize on-campus disruptions

Schedule preventive maintenance for all critical equipment and facilities to avoid unexpected downtime. With automated inventory management, ensure that all spare tools and parts are always available for maintenance. Easily set up recurring work orders to keep campus amenities in top shape all year round.

Make smarter budget decisions

Record inventory and labor costs for every maintenance job completed. Cut back on expenses by retiring obsolete and damaged equipment on time. Have accurate financial statements to help you compare budgets and make smarter decisions.

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance

Maintain work order history along with an expense sheet to verify maintenance jobs carried out, year-round. Attach documentation along with critical assets so that all compliance regulations can be met with ease.

Seamless coordination for work

Keep track of all work requests sent in by requesters right from your dashboard. Assign incomplete work to multiple users to ensure it gets done on time. Tag users in relevant work orders to speed up issue resolution through direct line of communication.

Run data-driven campus facility reports

Track important maintenance KPIs for your institution by running actionable reports. Stay ahead of any maintenance backlogs and avoid extended downtimes to create a productive learning environment.

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