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EZRentOut Blogs Ezrentout Feature Release Notes August 2021

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes August 2021

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The EZRentOut team rolled out some exciting new features and enhancements last quarter. We have enhanced the Rules and Coupons feature for you to create multiple discounts under a single rule for easier faster operations. Also, your customers can now easily upload relevant documents when renting out orders from the Webstore. In other important updates, streamline your accounting principles by choosing an inventory valuation method that best suits your business, and easily schedule and track orders that need to be picked up from customers. 

Read the complete August 2021 Release Notes to learn more.

Offer flexible pricing using rules and coupons

Apply multiple discounts while creating rules applied to Orders or Customers and set particular dates and times for customers to avail discounts. Easily customize discount rules and coupons by applying filters and condition-based criteria to maintain stronger customer relationships with flexible pricing. 

Customers upload documents for fast Webstore checkouts

Your customers can now upload required documents such as a license or insurance certificate when renting out an Order on the Webstore. Specify the required type, size, and format of the document and enable settings to review and approve them.

Choose and apply the right Inventory valuation method

Inventory valuation is a critical accounting measure used to calculate the value of unsold items at the end of each financial year. It is important to choose the method for your business and within EZRentOut you can now use two options – First in First Out or Average Cost Method.

Seamlessly schedule and track pickup status of Orders

Conveniently schedule a pickup time and date for Orders that need to be picked from customers. Mark Orders as scheduled for pickup, picked up, or canceled and receive alerts accordingly.  

Instantly check Item availability status

Do a quick search to check the availability of an item via the new Check Availability button on the dashboard. Save time during tight deadlines and avoid booking conflicts.  

Verifone P400 as a recommended POS Payment Solution

We have updated the Stripe terminal support with Verifone P400. Just register your account on Stripe, connect it with EZRentOut and seamlessly charge credit card payments at the POS terminals.

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