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EZRentOut Blogs Ezrentout Feature Release Notes October 2023

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes – October 2023

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes – October 2023
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We have rolled out brand-new integrations, features, and enhancements for your rental business on EZRentOut. 

To take your accounting and bookkeeping to the next level, you can now integrate with Sage business cloud accounting. You can easily integrate with Square to streamline your online and POS payments. 

The new enhancements include the ability to add a new business when adding a business contact. Delivery drivers can now benefit from all information regarding pickups and deliveries in Calendar Events available directly on the dashboard.  You can also edit Bundle pricing on the Orders page to offer customized pricing to different customers. 

Additionally, we have optimized sync order status and history, and sync order locations and taxes in QuickBooks. 

Here are the details: 

1. Integrate with Sage business cloud accounting 

You can now integrate your EZRentOut account with Sage business cloud accounting to enhance bookkeeping for your business. This integration will automate accounting workflows. You will also be able to send and track invoices, and track expenses. With Sage, you can efficiently manage cash flow for your rental business. 

2. Integrate with Square payments and POS 

You can now integrate your Square account with EZRentOut and offer your customers quick transactions on your Webstore. If you have a Square POS device, your walk-in customers will be able to make instant payments via Square. 

3. Add business from the business contact page 

Now you have the option to instantly add a business to your business contact when you add the business contact. Previously, you had to go back, create a new business after you created the business contact, and then associate the contact with the new business. This enhancement will save time and effort. 

4. View scheduled deliveries/pickups in Calendar Events 

Delivery drivers can now quickly view their scheduled deliveries and pickups in the Calendar Events widget on the dashboard. This enables them to view their daily schedule and plan logistics accordingly. 

5. View details about QuickBooks sync status and history 

You can sync order status and history in QuickBooks Online for complete visibility. In case of a change, it will be highlighted in the sync status and history logs. You will be able to see changes in line items in the next automated sync. For detailed information, you can scroll to the first successful sync and view the Order details. 

6. Sync order locations and taxes in QuickBooks Online 

You can now sync your order locations and taxes in QuickBooks Online if these order locations and taxes are added in EZRentOut with the same name. Other conditions must also be met. 

7. Edit Bundles pricing on the Orders page 

You can now quickly edit the Bundle pricing directly on the Orders page to offer customized pricing for specific customers. Before this optimization, Bundles pricing could only be edited from the Bundles page. Now, you can change it on the Orders page and provide the same Bundle at different prices to different customers. 

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