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Guide 102: Organizing Items by Groups using Maintenance Management System


You can easily categorize and organize items in EZO CMMS using groups. This blog is a continuation of our earlier blog that explains how groups are set up and used in depreciation, custom fields, item filters, alerts, and document attachment. This blog will discuss how groups are used in setting up.

1. Setting up Recurring Maintenance on Groups

Recurring services are set for Groups, such that all items in that group will have the recurring service take place for them. In order to set this up go to side navigation bar Maintenance Preventive Maintenance. From here you can create a preventive template. While creating a new template select Groups in components:

2. Setting up Work Order Triage on Groups

You can choose to send your assets/asset stock automatically into service for a defined period of time once they are checked-in, using the work triage feature. To enable this feature, go to Add ons → Work Order Triage.

Once you enable the Work Order Triage feature you can either choose to:

    • Triage assets of all groups.
    • Triage assets of selective groups.

If you choose to triage assets for selective groups, you will need to enable or disable the Work Order triage for each group. To do this go to Groups → Select a Group → Click ‘Triage’ button and set it to enabled/disabled for the Group. 

Once you click on Triage, an overlay will appear asking you to set a duration for the Group triage.

Once you set the time, every time an asset part of the group is checked back in, it will be automatically set up for maintenance.

5. Using Groups to Set up Access Control Rights for Users

For larger teams, you may need to restrict access to items according to departments, locations, and designation of employees. This is where our Advanced Access Control settings come into play. 

There are three ways to restrict access to users under Advanced Access Control i.e. by groups, by locations and by both groups and locations (see image below). These can be enabled from Settings → Company Settings → Access Control → Choose ‘Advanced’ → Go to ‘How do you want to restrict access’.

We’ll discuss restricting user access ‘By groups’ and ‘By groups & locations’ below:

5.1. Restricting Access by Group

This will allow members of certain user listings to only view items in the groups they have access to. To do this you will first create a user listing and assign groups of items to it. Members in that user listing will only have access to the items in the groups assigned to their user listing.

5.2. Restricting Access by Groups and Locations

In case you have multiple offices in different locations, you may want the employees to only access relevant items at their location only. For example, employees in the New York office should only have access to items grouped as ‘Laptops in New York’. To do this, assign both groups and locations to the user listing.


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