Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZO CMMS Blogs Hardware Integration Recommendations

EZO CMMS’s List of Recommended Hardware Integration


EZO CMMS brings you maintenance management control by ironing out your check-in and checkout workflows. The system is capable of integrating with multiple Barcode, QR Code, and RFID tag scanners to clock in item details into the system as soon as the code on an item is scanned during check-in, checkout or reservation etc.

You can also integrate with electronic signature pads like the Topaz Signature Pad.

Designing Print Labels in EZO CMMS

EZO CMMS also allows you to design barcode and QR code labels for your items, and print them out on Avery compatible sticky papers. However, RFID tags cannot be printed with our system and most of our current customers opt for bulk commercial printing of RFID tags for their assets.

For QR Code or Barcode, it is important to analyze which of the two will be ideal for your requirements and business practices.

Hardware Recommendations

We regularly receive queries from customers regarding which printers and scanners are compatible with our system, and which ones should they use. In this blog, we have listed down some of the CMMS Beta’s Hardware Integration recommendations. Let’s take you through a list of brands we have shortlisted for your convenience:

1. Electronic Signature Pads

2. Barcode and QR Code Printers

Note: Citizen printers can print on Avery thermal labels with following dimension specifications:

  • Citizen CL-E321 and CL-E331: 1 to 4 inches (25 to 118 mm)
  • Citizen CL-S621 and CL-631: 0.5 to 4 inches (12.5 to 118 mm)

Additionally, if you need to print smaller asset labels with more details such as test tube labels, use CL-E331 and CL-S631 that support 300 dpi printing. For bigger asset labels with low resolution needs, you can use CL-E321 and CL-S621 that support 203 dpi printing.

3. Barcode and QR Code Scanners

Note: The Zebra SYMBOL CS4070 COMPANION SCANNER does not provide satisfactory results if you are using the iOS platform. Therefore, if your tags are QR codes, then Windows/Android tablets are better suited for your needs.

Make sure your barcode scanner supports Code 39 barcodes to scan Print Labels generated via the EZO CMMS Label Designer.

4. RFID Scanners

We currently integrate with the TSL 1128 RFID scanner only. It is important to remember that the TSL scanner can only read Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags ranging from a frequency of 840-960 MHz.

You can also set up your RFID Asset Tracking System in EZO CMMS.

Note: All the printers and scanners should be HID compliant.


EZO CMMS is the next-generation maintenance management software. It does more than just simple maintenance, it empowers your teams with a central command center to assign and complete work orders to achieve optimal productivity. We offer a free 15-day trial – no credit card required!

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