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[How-to] Create and Manage Checklists in EZO CMMS? 

create and manage checklists in EZO CMMS

The enhanced checklists feature in EZO CMMS will significantly simplify creating and managing work order checklists.

With this new functionality, you can now update existing checklists directly without cloning and creating a new version. This streamlined process allows users to easily make necessary updates to checklists, saving time and effort.

Previously, editing checklists was only possible when a work order was in the progress state. With our latest update, you can now edit checklists even when the work order is in the open state. This flexibility ensures that you can make crucial updates as soon as needed, enhancing your maintenance operations’ efficiency.

This new feature ensures that all required steps are completed before a work order can be started or finalized. By making specific checklists mandatory, users can ensure adherence to standard procedures and improve the quality of work performed.

Benefits of Checklists in EZO CMMS 

  • Simplified checklist management: Update existing checklists without cloning.
  • Increased flexibility: Edit checklists in the open state of a work order.
  • Enhanced quality control: Ensure thorough completion of tasks with mandatory checklists.

This new feature will greatly enhance your experience with EZO CMMS, making managing and maintaining high standards in your maintenance processes easier. 

How to Create and Manage Checklists in EZO CMMS

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to creating and managing checklists in EZO CMMS: 

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