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[How-to] Enable GPS Integration Via API from the Client End

Enable GPS Integration Via API

Organizations often express a growing need to ensure they track geographic location in their maintenance management processes. This particular feature enables maintenance teams to easily track assets based on their geographic location. 

Most businesses rely on a wide range of GPS devices currently available in the market to track the location of their equipment. It is important to note that the GPS  tracking industry is highly fragmented, lacking clear domination. 

As a result, there is a dire need for an integrated solution that helps them effortlessly track their devices directly within a maintenance management platform.  

Introducing TrackUnit Integration Approach

EZO CMMS has introduced the TrackUnit Integration Approach, a groundbreaking GPS integration method. This GPS integration enables our clients to push location coordinates directly to our platform, enabling them to track the location of their assets through our system. 

Benefits of using the TrackUnit Integration Approach 

The major benefits of using the TrackUnit Integration Approach are as follows: 

Effortless Asset Tracking

Using the GPS integration approach, clients can easily track the geographical location of their assets, obtaining real-time visibility into their equipment’s exact whereabouts.

Seamless Integration

This method offers a seamless and efficient way to integrate GPS location data into the EZO CMMS platform, reducing complexity and enhancing user experience.

Custom Middleware

The flexibility to create custom middleware on their end enables clients to tailor the integration based on their specific needs and ensure a perfect fit for their operations. 

Improved Efficiency

Clients can improve operational efficiency by directly pushing location coordinates, leading to reduced manual data entry and automated asset tracking processes.

Real-time Insights

Access to real-time location data enables better decision-making, optimized asset utilization, and faster response to emergencies or incidents. 

Enable GPS integration via API from the client end

Here’s the step-by-step guide to enable GPS integration via API from the client end: 

Step 1: Enable API Integration

Here, you need to enable the API Integration. 

From the dashboard, go to Settings → Integrations

Step 2: Enable Location tracking for Assets via API

After enabling the API Integration, you need to enable the option for Enable Location tracking for Assets via API. This will push your device coordinates to our APIs, facilitating device location tracking.

Enable Location tracking integration

Note: Before enabling the “Location Tracking for Assets via API” option, ensure that the API Integration option is also enabled.

Step 3: Update GPS location Coordinates of an Asset

To update the GPS coordinates of an asset, the customer needs to set up the API integration from their end and push the coordinates to their EZO CMMS account. For this, they can use the developer’s code at this link: 

curl  -H "token:<COMPANY_TOKEN>" -X PATCH \
      -d "gps_asset_id=<GPS_ASSET_ID>" \
      -d "latitude=<LATITUDE_VALUE>" \
      -d "longitude=<LONGITUDE_VALUE>" \

Follow these steps to update the GPS location coordinates of an asset: 

  • Copy and paste the provided code into your system. 
  • Replace the ‘COMPANY_TOKEN’ with your secret key.
  • Enter the GPS Asset ID into your code to specify the asset. You may choose to add an Asset ID here or leave the field empty.
  • Enter the latitude and longitude of your asset’s location into ‘LATITUDE_VALUE’ AND ‘LONGITUDE_VALUE’ respectively. These values represent the exact location coordinates of your asset and should be precise up to 12 decimal places.
  • In the URL within the code, enter your subdomain before ‘’ and the asset number recorded in your EZO CMMS account. 

Note: The ‘gps_asset_id’ is an optional parameter. 

Step 4: View GPS Coordinates on the Asset Detail Page 

Once the customer pushes the GPS coordinates of an asset from their end, the changes will be reflected on the Asset Detail page within the EZO CMMS account.

Let’s consider an example of a digging machine. Suppose the digging machine is an asset listed in your EZO CMMS account, and you wish to update its GPS coordinates on the Asset Detail page. 

Before the customer pushes the coordinates through our API, the asset detail page will appear as usual. 

View GPS Coordinates on the Asset Detail Page 1

However, once the customer successfully updates the coordinates via our API, the asset’s GPS ID and coordinates (longitude and latitude) will be automatically populated on the Asset Detail page. You can refer to the image below to see how it will appear on the front end. 

View GPS Coordinates on the Asset Detail Page 2

Once you click on the GPS Location coordinates, a new pop-up window will appear on your screen, displaying your asset’s location on the map. By clicking ‘Refresh Location’, you can view the most recent location of your asset on the map. Remember, the location of the asset will only be updated if the GPS coordinates are updated from the backend. The most recent updated date can also be seen here.

View GPS Coordinates on the Asset Detail Page 3

Additionally, you can zoom in or out on the map to adjust and view your asset’s location as needed. 

Step 5: View Asset Location on the Locations Page

To view your asset’s location, you can navigate to Locations → Select the map icon → Select the ‘GPS Location(s)’ from the dropdown menu.

View Asset Location on the Locations Page 1

This enables you to view the location of your assets on the map. For instance, you can see the location of your asset ‘Digging Machine’ in Toronto. 

Further details such as the asset’s coordinates and last updated date can be viewed by clicking on the location icon on the map.

View Asset Location on the Locations Page 2

By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate your GPS tracking system with EZO CMMS, enhancing asset management and tracking efficiency. 

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