Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

[How-to] Add and Manage Meters in EZO CMMS 

How meters work in EZO CMMS

The Meters module in EZO CMMS is an innovative enhancement designed to revolutionize asset management by providing robust tracking and management capabilities for meters associated with various assets. 

The Meters module lets users record meter readings for specified assets, set reminders for preventive maintenance scheduling, and generate insightful reports. This streamlines the monitoring of asset performance and maintenance schedules. 

Incorporating the Meters module helps optimize operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance maintenance practices by utilizing data derived from meter-based readings. 

Benefits of Meters in EZO CMMS

Below, we have discussed the primary benefits of meters in EZO CMMS: 

Operational efficiency

Enhanced operational efficiency: The Meters module automates the tracking of meter readings and maintenance schedules, ensuring timely maintenance actions and reducing equipment failures and operational downtime.

Data management and accuracy

Accurate data management: The module centralizes meter readings and maintenance data, eliminating errors from disparate sources and ensuring data accuracy.

Historical data access: Easy access to historical meter readings allows for effective trend analysis and long-term planning.

How meters work in EZO CMMS

Before we dive into how meters work in EZO CMMS, let’s look at a use case:

John, a maintenance manager at ABC Manufacturing, wants to ensure timely maintenance of the air conditioning unit using EZO CMMS. Here’s how he can do it:

John creates a new meter reading called “Volume,” sets the unit to cubic feet, and establishes a threshold of 1000 cubic feet. He assigns this meter reading to the ‘air conditioning units’ group and configures the CMMS to initiate preventive maintenance work orders when the operating hours approach this threshold. When the volume of the gas falls below 1000, the CMMS automatically triggers a “Fill gas” work order. EZO CMMS then sends email notifications to John about the new work order, ensuring timely preventive maintenance for the air conditioning unit.

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