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Comprehensive Guide To Pricing Plans of EZO CMMS 

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EZO CMMS is a robust maintenance management system that helps organizations streamline maintenance operations, reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and enhance equipment lifespan.

Depending on the size and complexity of the organization, EZO CMMS offers different pricing plans for commercial, institutional, and residential facilities. 

This blog will overview EZO CMMS’s different pricing plans and how each plan caters to various types of facilities.

CMMS Pricing Plan

CMMS Essential 

The Essential Plan of EZO CMMS is designed for small-scale, emerging facilities teams. It caters to the maintenance needs of small to medium-sized businesses transitioning from manual processes to digital solutions. 

As a small team of a few employees, you may handle many unpredictable maintenance requests while ensuring frequent preventive maintenance and inspections. Often operating with limited staff and funding, you require cost-effective tools to streamline maintenance processes and meet compliance and safety standards. 

Furthermore, you may be responsible for managing facility maintenance to fully satisfy people like customers, administrators, tenants, etc., while handling urgent repair requests and scheduled maintenance.

The Essential Plan of EZO CMMS can significantly benefit your emerging facilities teams. The solution offers unlimited work orders and work requests, and the work planner and queue can streamline the management of ad hoc and scheduled tasks. The Essential plan simplifies the management of maintenance requests and operations by shifting from paperwork to digital records. It addresses your major challenges of lack of digital records, limited resources, and the fear of work requests falling through the cracks. 

You can maintain equipment efficiency through preventive maintenance and checklists. CMMS Essential also features user-friendly tools for staff with limited technical skills, reducing your dependency on manual inventory tracking and addressing the challenges of training staff to use a software tool for handling maintenance requests. 

Our out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard features offer real-time visibility into all maintenance tasks, enabling you to make quick decisions and enhance the operational efficiency of your facilities teams.

CMMS Essential helps your emerging facilities teams improve maintenance response times, streamline compliance-related tasks, and reduce downtime by resolving challenges like reducing manual processes and consolidating maintenance management into a single platform. This leads to smoother and more efficient operations. 

With affordable yet comprehensive features, CMMS Essential ensures your facility is well-maintained. It enables effective community and customer service while managing maintenance tasks efficiently and within budget constraints.

Here are examples of properties whose emerging facilities teams can benefit from CMMS Essential.

  • Commercial: Local eateries, car washes, small cash-and-carry shops, and more
  • Institutional: Religious buildings, non-profits, community centers, and more
  • Residential: Small apartment complexes, condo communities, and more


CMMS Plus is designed for medium to high-maturity, process-driven facilities departments of small to medium businesses (SMBs) that prioritize reporting and efficiency.  These departments often manage high-traffic areas that demand effective and efficient maintenance operations. 

As a senior facility manager in such departments, you are responsible for maintaining operational efficiency, handling a large volume of maintenance tasks, and managing vendor relationships.

Your daily workflows include compliance management, efficient facility maintenance, and tracking maintenance history. You face challenges in managing budget constraints, coordinating tasks, promptly handling maintenance emergencies across different locations, and reporting the performance of your facilities teams to higher management. Furthermore, suppose you’re responsible for coordinating maintenance tasks across multiple properties, centrally managing the inventory of maintenance supplies, and efficiently handling emergency repair requests. In that case, CMMS Plus is the right plan for you.

CMMS Plus offers features like purchasing and work order linkage, inventory management, and vendor management to address the challenges of performance reporting and managing multiple vendors and inventory levels simultaneously. 

CMMS Plus can also greatly benefit facilities teams that manage complex workflows by allowing for customization in workflows, reporting, and dashboard creation. 

It offers centralized control and visibility and the ability to deal with frequent maintenance requests, ensuring operational efficiency that can later be shared with upper management through visual reports and dashboards.

Here’s an example of properties whose process-driven facilities teams can benefit from CMMS Plus:

  • Commercial: Office parks, shopping malls, medium-sized malls, etc
  • Institutional: Government offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, museums, etc
  • Residential: Multi-unit residential and apartment complexes, etc
CMMS plus

CMMS Professional

CMMS Professional is designed for maintenance-as-a-service companies. Amenity solution providers, vending machine distributors, and real estate developers distribute or operate products and services in mass quantities and offer maintenance-as-a-service. It offers advanced workflow customization, seamless third-party app integration, sophisticated analytics and reporting, and comprehensive control over roles and permissions for enhanced security and compliance.

The CMMS Professional plan can benefit these facilities immensely. Using CMMS Professional, a facility director can coordinate unit maintenance across several properties, manage complex vendor relationships, and customize reports for stakeholders.

If you’re looking for a solution that prioritizes performance and customer service, ensures efficiency, measures the impact on business costs, uses analytics to identify enhancements, and leverages current systems and tools for integrated operations, then CMMS Professional is the right fit for your company. 

With CMMS Professional, maintenance-as-a-service companies can deliver improved customer and employee experiences through integration with help desks such as Zendesk for prompt flagging and resolution of requests. The solution offers enhanced security and data compliance, ensuring that all operations meet industry standards. Additionally, this plan provides greater visibility into maintenance activities, advanced reporting, and item analytics, enabling your company to make data-driven decisions and optimize its overall performance.

This plan helps you manage diverse maintenance needs across multiple buildings, ensure safety, and maintain environmental compliance. 

Here’s an example of properties whose high-maturity, performance-driven facilities teams can benefit from CMMS Professional:

  • Commercial: Amenity solution providers, vending machine distributors, real estate developers, etc
  • Institutional: Community college campuses, universities, large educational institutions, etc
  • Residential: Large residential complexes and multi-location apartment complexes managed by property management firms, etc
CMMS professional


Maintaining reliable and efficient operations is crucial for any organization, whether a small business or a large organization. The shift from traditional maintenance management methods to advanced CMMS systems has revolutionized how organizations handle maintenance operations. 

Through its diverse pricing plans — Essential, Plus, and Professional — EZO CMMS offers tailored solutions to various facility types. Each plan is designed to meet the specific needs of facilities of different sizes. 

With EZO CMMS, organizations can ensure their equipment is well-maintained, leading to reduced costs, enhanced equipment lifespan, and increased productivity. It is time to embrace the future of maintenance management with EZO CMMS and take your facility operations to the next level! 

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