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EZO CMMS Blogs Purchase Order And Work Order Association

[How-to] Accelerate Maintenance with Purchase Order and Work Order association in EZO CMMS


The successful completion of Work Orders is dependent on the availability of certain inventory items. In order to expedite maintenance, you can directly link Purchase Orders with Work Orders and view all inventory items associated with maintenance work.

Such association of Purchase Orders with Work Orders will increase transparency and information flow, which will help teams with the planning and scheduling of work.

Let’s look at two common use cases which require Work Orders (WO) and Purchase Order (PO) association: 

  • When planning work, a technician realizes they don’t have the necessary equipment to carry out the work. Associating POs with WOs will give teams live updates about the current state and information of the PO in WO, so they can effectively plan their work.
  • Similarly, supervisors/procurement officers with access to POs will know which WOs are associated with the PO. This will help them understand the association of POs with the maintenance work being carried out in the field. Similarly, they can raise issues of delayed POs to speed up with vendors and also timely inform affected users about inventory delivery.

Here is how you can link WO to PO in EZO CMMS:

From the WO listings page select the Work Order you want to link the Purchase Order to. The WO must be in an open state. Go to its details page → More → Link to Purchase Order:

An overlay will appear asking you to select the Purchase Order:

As soon as the Purchase Order is linked, you will be able to see it under a tab on the WO details page:

For all the POs linked to a WO, you can even unlink them directly from the WO page:

You can even run reports for all POs linked to WOs. Go to Reports → Work Orders  → Purchase Orders linked to Work Orders. 

Here is what the report will look like:


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