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[How-to] Create Recurring Reservations in EZO CMMS

Do you often need to provide equipment for the same event on a weekly or monthly basis? For example, an educational institution might require the same projectors and screens for a specific lecture on a regular basis. Your company’s monthly meeting may require the same audio visual equipment on a 30-day cycle. EZO CMMS has just the solution.

Making the same reservation repeatedly is time-consuming and prone to mismanagement – an essential item may be unavailable at the last minute. EZO CMMS now offers a feature that can simplify this task for you. Reserve assets for events that occur on a regular cycle so you never have to worry about missing items again. Create Recurring Reservations in under two minutes.

1. Enabling the Add On

To create recurring reservations, first, enable the Recurring Reservations Add On. Head to Settings →  Add Ons → Recurring Reservations. 

Enable the feature and choose whether you’d like to allow Staff Users to create recurring reservations.

Once you’ve made your selections, press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to save them, or scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Update’.

2. Creating your first recurring reservation

Now, to get started, create a new reservation. Go to an Item Details Page and reserve it. 

Next, the Reservation overlay will ask you details for your reservation. Here, you’ll have the option to recur the reservation by selecting the ‘Make this a recurring reservation’ checkbox.

Once you select the checkbox, a new set of options will appear. 

You will be able to choose how the reservation should repeat. Should it be by Days, Weeks, Months, or Days of the Week?

The Days of the Week option lets you set specific days for the reservation. As an example, you can choose to reserve the item every Monday and Wednesday falling under the entire reservation period. 

However, if you opt for Days of the Week, please note that a single reservation cannot be longer than 24 hours. 

Next, specify a Repeat Till Date.

As you scroll down, you will be able to see the Availability Calendar for this item along with its Reservation log. These aids help you plan conflict-free reservations. 

Once you’re ready, click on ‘Reserve’ to create the recurring reservation.

Note: A single recurring reservation cannot have more than 120 instances. The limit helps EZO CMMS regulate application speed so your asset tracking remains seamless.

3. Cancelling Recurring Reservations

There are two ways to cancel your recurring reservation. 

3.1. From the Reservations Module

1. From the Notification Bell at the top, click on ‘Reservations’.

2. Next, click on the Recurrences Tab.

3. To view details for a particular recurrence, click on its Recurrence ID.

4. Click on the ‘Stop Recurrence’ button in the left-side panel. All active recurrences will have this. This action stops the specific recurrence and all future instances of it.

3.2. From an Item’s Reservation Tab

To cancel a reservation for a specific item:

  1. Go to its Item Details page, and then click on the Reservations tab on the bottom. 
  2. Click on the Horizontal Ellipsis next to an active reservation to cancel it.

4. Recurring reservations with Arbitration

Each recurring reservation request made by a Staff User will require approval from an Admin. Once approved, all instances of the recurring reservation will be created.


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