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[How-to] Set Up Tags for Reports in EZO CMMS

Report tags in EZO CMMS

Prepare for an exciting enhancement to EZO CMM’s Reports Module: Tags! This new feature will streamline your organization and boost productivity like never before.

Using this feature, you can effortlessly take control of your report sorting preferences by customizing how you want to sort your reports.

Within the EZO CMMS reports module, you can personalize your view with private tags or create a shared view for the entire company. Tailor your viewing experience to seamlessly meet your needs, whether for individual use or company-wide visibility.

Benefits of tagging reports

The tags feature in the reports module helps you organize Item Reports Tags in the most effective way for your needs. 

Here are some key benefits:

Access meaningful information quickly

Tagging reports allows you to quickly access the most relevant reports for your rental business. Create tags by projects, clients, orders, time frames, etc. Instantly retrieve important information to make informed decisions, saving time and effort.

Enhance team communication and collaboration

Tagging reports promotes collaboration and builds trust among your admin and staff. It enables transparent communication and coordination across all roles within your organization. Stay productive with relevant data readily available for quick reference during meetings.

Manage and track custom reports

Tagging reports adds a systematic layer to your custom reports, making tracking personalized and public data insights accessible. Efficiently manage, track, and utilize information, keeping it well-organized and accessible.

How to create and manage tags for reports 

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