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[How-to] Access Quick Actions and Approvals With Work Requests in EZO CMMS


Work Requests can be generated by anyone in the company who wants to quickly start maintenance or repair on an Item. For instance, an employee wants to get his laptop screen repaired. They will create a Work Request which will contain information about the issue. Next this Work Request will be reviewed by a Work Supervisor for further actions.

Here are some common use cases where Work Requests can help streamline business operations:

Staff User: The equipment checked out to an employee/staff user broke down. They can make a Work Request to report this problem. The Work Request can be linked to the Asset that needs service or repair. A single Work Request form enables the user to point out the problem and the required solution.

Equipment operator expert: For reporting a downtime event an equipment operator expert needs to specify what went wrong, the type of work needed, priority, the department for the Work Request, and likely costs. This type of request needs to go to the right team/department and supervisor. As such requests are time critical, the operator expert wants to be updated on the status and send comments back and forth in case of confusion.

Work Supervisor: A work supervisor should be able to easily see the pipeline of work requests,view details, and approve/ deny, or send back for revision. Since work requests are requests without the details of how to get the work done, Work Supervisors need to be able to add the remaining information in order to convert the Work Request into a real WO.

Let’s take a look at how you can create Work Requests in CMMS:

Go to Work Order details page → Work Requests. 

This will redirect you to the form quite similar to Work Orders. Here you won’t be able to link any Inventory just add the Asset you want to set up for repair.

Once a Work Request has been created, the Approver can review them under the My Requests tab on the Work Order Listings page. 

When you go to the Work Request page, you will have the option to Deny/Request Revision or Approve Request:

The following overlay will appear asking you to add a comment if you choose to deny the request:

You can choose to add any comments if necessary to request for revision. Once done click ‘Send for Revision’.

Once the revision request has been sent. The owner of the request can go and revise the request from the details page:

Once the revision is complete, the requester can click on resubmit for a second approval from the Work Supervisor.

After the Supervisor approves the request, the requester will be notified through an Email:

The Work Request will be converted into a Work Order as shown below:

To view a summary of all revisions and resubmissions go to the Work Order details page  → More  → History. All actions taken on a Work Order will be displayed:

To run on email Alerts for Work Requests, go to the side navigation bar → More  → Alerts  → Work Orders. Here you can select the Alerts you would like to receive notifications for:


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