Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs 2015 An Epic Year At Ezofficeinventory The Complete Asset Tracking Solution

An Epic 2015 at EZOfficeInventory, the Complete Asset Tracking Solution


Well, folks, 2015 was epic! Asset tracking has never been easier, with us working hard throughout the year to bring you innovative new features. We released a number of updates to meet your requests and vastly improved the usability of EZOfficeInventory, the complete asset tracking solution! Here’s an infographic to show what we accomplished together in 2015:

EZOfficeInventory - Asset Tracking Software

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EZOfficeInventory is the leading Asset Tracking Software. We have helped thousands of companies – whether they be SMBs or large conglomerates – to lower costs, increase ROIs and amplify efficiency.

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