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Asset Intelligence and Management

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5 Surefire Tips to Improve Tool Management with Inventory Control Software


Why is inventory control software essential for your business?

Facing trouble in recording and maintaining data on tools, misplacing tools after been used by an employee or difficulty in keeping track of tools being shipped off to various locations are some of the issues your business might be facing when it comes to inventory management. If you’re facing some of these challenges then it’s time for you to invest in inventory control software.  

Inventory management is crucial for every business. Ineffective inventory control methods can lead to mismanagement of tools, incur additional expenses and ultimately lead to an unproductive work environment. By opting for a cloud-based inventory tracking system, you are moving towards improving efficiency by ensuring the accuracy of data. In contrast to cloud based tool management solutions, drafting documentation in spreadsheets can be time-consuming and not easily accessible across the organization. Below we will go through some handy tips about how tracking inventory can help your business out!

Keep track of inventory through Barcodes

Manual documentation of serial numbers for every tool in your inventory takes a lot of time. You can save up on this time with a simple solution. With the help of an automated inventory control system, you can use the Barcode tracking feature to get all your assets documented and tagged in no time! All your tools will have a unique identification code which will allow you to track its whereabouts every time an employee checks it out for use. If this isn’t such a relief, the software also gives you the opportunity to record different actions taken on an asset e.g. check-in/checkout. This way you can keep on top of all the inventory without the fear of misplacing it. Your asset information remains up-to-date and you save valuable time.

Along with the facility of Barcode tracking, you can also use GPS tracking for tool management. With the support of both QR codes and Barcodes, GPS tracking makes asset management more streamlined. Being both cost and time effective, asset tracking solution offers features which make tool management more organized and simple!

Smooth management through maintenance alerts

preventive maintenance

In order to run a successful business, you should be able to avoid hazards and damages due to the absence of preventive maintenance. Irregular or no service alerts about your tools can slow down your workflow and cause hurdles in task execution. CMMS enabled inventory control software brings you automated maintenance alerts and notifications for your tools! This feature allows you to stay ahead of any tool shortages, fix what needs to be fixed and make changes to the inventory as required. You don’t want a tool box go out on the field which has faulty tools that end up delaying the job.

If some of your tools are damaged during a certain task, automated alerts can be sent out to the relevant department and the tools will be fixed in no time! This not only enhances the efficiency of tool management but lets you create a more systematic business workflow. Inventory management has never been this easy.

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Conflict-free reservations

Availability of tools has been one of the most common concerns when assigning work orders to users. This can create lags in workflow and often demotivate employees. To ensure all daily tasks are carried out on time, it becomes essential that necessary tools are available in optimum level for use.

reservations in inventory control software

Asset reservation can help you deal with this problem. It enables you to reserve all the tools required for a job and makes your job a whole lot easier and faster. The reservation module allows you to plan ahead and book the tools you want whenever you want them! This way there will be no postponing or delaying tasks. You can also get information on which tools are checked out, when will they be back with the help of an availability calendar. Tools reservation makes you plan daily tasks effectively and increases the overall productivity!

Routine audits to keep tools in check

An inventory audit is one of the most critical practices when it comes to inventory management. Automated tracking solutions let you manage all tools at one place, cut down on preparation time and give access to accurate data. Regular audits make tool management more refined as they allow you to record information about the entire lifecycle of an asset. What’s better than to have a detailed report on tool utilization at the end of your business year? It helps you evaluate asset performance better and give you insight for future usage patterns of your tools. Through this practice, you can not only save money but time and raise overall performance of assets.  

Customizations suited to your business

Every business loves a custom solution that best fits its use-case and organization workflow. Now all solutions don’t come with customizations and they don’t cater all industries. Is this creating problems for your business? Asset tracking and Inventory Control software usually come with customized views, notifications, and alerts for your tool management needs. You can also create custom fields for advanced tool tracking, a feature to fit your business model as you deem fit.

With the option of custom reports, you can create performance reports for the tool you want to analyze. By using custom notifications, send out alerts to users in a company-defined email template. Customizations in tool management offer flexibility and give the option to grow along with the business model.   

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Inventory control software: An ultimate cost-effective solution

Choosing the right tools for your business is not enough without the right tool management solution. Inventory control software comes with handy features suited to your business. Now you can keep track of all your tools through Barcodes, plan regular maintenance checks for inventory, utilize hassle-free tool reservations and design customized reports to analyze asset utilization; all that through one software. With reduced operational costs and time-effective work routines, automated inventory management can prove to be a valuable asset for your business!

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