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What makes an asset tracking software easy to use?

5 must-have asset management features

Asset tracking software and quick adoption

Why should you be concerned about the learning curve of asset tracking software? Last year, companies spent around $333 billion on business software. One only has to think of the number of software products a company uses on average to wonder about the costs associated with this kind of use. A significant cost associated with software use is that of onboarding. A company hiring just a hundred new employees can face up to $40,000 dollars a year for onboarding alone, not including any recruitment or training costs! This can be extremely discouraging for businesses. Not only do they have to make sure new employees have all the tools necessary to get the job done, but they also have the added pressure of ensuring that the employees know exactly how to use those tools!

Asset tracking system
The global enterprise software market has been growing steadily. Source.

In today’s corporate context, specialized business software can be a particularly gnarly prospect for new employees. A lot of these products require a lot more than just basic computer literacy – they can be complex, tedious to use, and even temperamental! This is why it is particularly important for tools like
asset tracking software to be intuitive and easy to grasp on the first go. This won’t only make it easier for employees new to the system to grasp the nuances of the software with ease, but will also lower the amount of calls made to the IT department and take some weight off a company’s sysadmins!

Below, we’ll look at five must-have features that all asset tracking software should have to ensure quick, hassle-free adoption.

A well thought out product

Of course, business software that isn’t well thought out is never going to be fun to use, no matter what other features or add-ons the company tacks on to it. Asset tracking software is responsible for the complete asset lifecycle – from provision right down to retirement. An employee new to the system would need to understand and manage so many things, including maintenance requirements, warranties, custodianship, alerts, and more. This is why there’s no substitute for an interface that takes into account common industry workflows, and ensures every step is as intuitive and effortless as possible.

Readily available help material

This year, around half of all business users will have access to self-service tools. Self-service requires that the user understands everything they need to know about a product. This can be done by easing customers through unique workflows via supplementary help material and user guides. It can help users new to the software with the specificities of their asset management needs; How can they integrate with other enterprise software? Do they charge depreciation on their assets? Would they want to restrict some users from viewing certain items? All of this information should be made readily available to customers of asset tracking software to enable them to fulfill their roles more effectively.

Prioritized customer service

Customer service is all important. A recent study found that to counteract the damage cause by one poor customer service experience, a company would have to offer 12 positive experiences in return! This demonstrates the extent to which good customer service can help a new employee trying to get acquainted with a software product. This is especially true since software is not everyone’s cup of tea! If you can’t get all the information you need from help material, the next course of action is always to ring up a helpful customer service professional and ask them questions you’re having no luck finding answers to!

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Regular enhancements will give asset tracking software the edge in adoption.

Constant improvements

Asset tracking software helps you keep track of all your equipment needs, such as those relating to procurement, maintenance, and auditing. However, a lot of on-premise solutions can be static and defunct. They offer one solution, with few options to customize and absolutely no new improvements added once a product has been launched. This can be extremely worrying for the current business climate, where change is not just preferable, but is actually a necessity. This is why asset tracking software that’s SaaS based is pretty much the only way to go. As an on-cloud solution, it can offer immediate feature releases and tweaks each month, ensuring you have the best product possible. It’s no wonder that the cloud computing market is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates ever, growing around 21% in 2015 alone!

Taking customer feedback into account

Of course, no business operates in a vacuum. It is extremely important to listen to your customers, understand their concerns, and try to figure out easy and unique ways to solve their problems as quickly as you can. A company that really cares about its customers will try to integrate its customers’ feedback into the product roadmap, and ensure that everyone leaves the encounter satisfied. Of course, sometimes the end vision for the product does not align with the customers’ own needs. In this scenario, offering customers workarounds or alternatives are always highly appreciated.


Asset tracking software can be very useful for companies trying to streamline operations and lower costs. However, quick adoption of tools like this is incredibly important. New employees already have high costs associated with them, and spending time tediously taking them through all the business software products a company uses can take a significant bite out of your budget. This is why a good asset tracking software should have useful user guides, a stellar customer service team, regular feature releases and updates, and eagerness to take on customer feedback.

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