Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Asset Tracking Software And The Education Sector

Here's how asset tracking software improves education


Asset tracking software can help institutions with a lot of problems such as low productivity, inefficiency, and huge overheads. However, to say it can ‘improve education’ can seem, on the face of it, like an exaggeration. Let’s talk about why it categorically isn’t, and how asset management can be used to create a brighter educational context for all students alike!

Give students everything they need

To get the most out of a class, students must not just have a great teacher and interesting reading material. Increasingly, schools are full of learning aids that form a huge part of the school curriculum. From computers and projectors to electronic whiteboards and AV equipment, schools are using hundreds of educational assets day in and day out. A broken keyboard or a lab with fewer computers than students can be a recipe for disaster! This is why it’s important that you’re using an asset tracking software for schools and universities so that your students have everything they need on the path to success.

Run reports to see what must improve

Reports can be a very handy tool to figure out where things are going wrong. If you find you’re short on inventory (such as notebooks or stationary) or running low on equipment for students to use, you can run an asset utilization report and see which items are in the most demand and for which classes. This can help ensure that no one’s left out when it comes to learning. Not just this, but reports can also help you understand trends for the future. Remember: planning is the antidote to calamity. Reservation modules and asset availability calendars can help you map everything out for seamless educational flows in the future!

Make learning aids reliable

Knowing that your equipment overheads for a class are really high, for example, can be a huge boon to teachers and custodians. They can analyze whether these overheads are justified, and if they aren’t, what steps they can take to minimize these costs. Perhaps equipment is breaking down too often, or perhaps it hasn’t been upgraded for a while. This can be fixed through a sophisticated maintenance management software that not only lets you schedule services or software updates quickly, but also helps you lower long-term equipment costs. This is because routinely maintained equipment is less likely to have catastrophic breakdowns in the future which can cost a school a lot of money.

Spend money where it matters

This is another way the quality of education can be improved using asset tracking software. If teachers and students are spending a lot of time assigning equipment, trying to find ways to fix it when it breaks down, or wasting resources trying to get their hands on substitutes, chances are that this is creating huge obstacles to learning. By letting asset tracking software take on the challenges of managing educational assets, schools can allow teachers and students to focus on what really matters!


This article highlighted how schools can leverage technology to improve the quality of education they offer. Asset tracking software can ensure that students are equipped for their classes so that there are no more excuses to learning what they need to learn and turning in their work on time! Teachers and admins can use actionable reports to predict future needs and fix what isn’t working. Equipment tracking software also makes educational assets reliable so that students don’t feel like the odds are stacked against them from the very start! Finally, letting teachers and students have time away from administrative duties can create a welcoming learning space where everyone strives to do their best.

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