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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Here Are 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Asset Tracking Software


SMBs and the need for asset tracking software

Tracking a company’s assets can help your business grow and maintain efficiency. But what is the best way of asset tracking and why should companies endorse it? A cloud based asset tracking software holds the key to asset optimization, increased productivity and effective employee management. This can allow companies to track business equipment across locations through GPS, set up QR Codes and Barcodes for inventory control, and queue maintenance on business assets. And it does all this in the most cost effective way!

Asset tracking software supersedes the traditional computerized management systems, which restrict the confines of asset optimization, inventory control and asset management. With the help of this inventory control software, companies can get a  vigorous history on the complete lifecycle of an asset. Moreover, the correct implementation of this software can eventually lead to a greater return on investment and save up funds for other uses. Now that we have established briefly how this system functions, let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits which make it unique and popular amongst companies today.

Monitoring made easy

One of the most evident advantages of equipment  tracking software is the smooth surveillance of physical assets of the company. With the help of this tracking solution, you will be able to keep a record of all physical assets as they move throughout the organization and transfer between departments. But how does this help you maintain better records? The answer is improved resource management. The use of Barcodes allows you to give each individual asset a unique identification number, which makes it easier to locate, update maintenance records, and determine the current status of the asset. Through this practice, you will be able to gain a clear insight to the company’s asset portfolio, meet demands, and reduce wastage and duplication of resources.

asset tracking software

Reporting helps you recognize current patterns and develop future strategies.

Reduced risk

The equipment  maintenance software  along with proper tools, documentation and reminders allows you to minimize risk involved in asset management.  Advanced technological features  like GPS tracking maintain records of all your assets as they are being transported between locations. Now you don’t need to fear theft, misplacement, or the tampering of your assets. Moreover, with the help of asset tracking, you can keep track of assets when employees check them out and receive instant notifications in case something is missing. In addition to this, this solution reduces loss of production and asset damage through scheduled inspection and maintenance.

Streamlined maintenance

Are you facing lags in your maintenance schedule? Can’t reach a balance between overstocking and understocking?  A robust CMMS software provides solutions  to all your maintenance problems! Companies often face hurdles in routine asset management due to physical asset maintenance and manual documentation which eventually leads to high cost occurrences and loss of valuable resources. With the help of this  software, you can now avail scheduled alerts for asset management which ensure timely maintenance. The software also provides you details on inventory, status of asset stock and allows you to plan ahead so you can meet market challenges with confidence.

asset tracking software

Asset tracking software helps you meet demands and lower redundancies.

Asset optimization and regulatory compliance

Strict regulations pressurize industries to endorse the most cost effective methods to produce desirable outcomes. To compete in such an environment, your company must be proficient in resource management in order to report and record data to gain compliance with such regulations. With the use of asset management software, your company can stay ahead of all rigid regulatory requirements of the industry. In addition to this, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems helps you prepare detailed reports which can take days if carried out manually. Want to know why this is important? Detailed reporting and timely management helps you understand current patterns and develop future strategies.  Lastly, asset tracking software helps in the optimization of the company’s resources, saves time, prevents ill planned administrative decisions and reduces fines.

Data Integrity

Still looking for a reason to get on board with asset management? What could be more important than having a guarantee of fully secured robust data? Diverse levels of user access along with approval regulations and audit trials give you assurance in the security and accuracy of the data.

The 5 benefits stated above will help you attain the most important outcome every business desires; increased productivity. When you have control over your transactions and can update asset records in a timely manner, you will not only boost the company’s productivity but enhance efficiency as well. If that is the ultimate goal you want to achieve, asset tracking software can help you attain it in the most cost effective manner possible.

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