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How Calendars in Asset Tracking Software Help You Stay Organized


With all the historical data, projects and work orders piling up, it only becomes incumbent for businesses to look for a way to remain organized and lean. When everything goes haywire, you are bound to become stressed and frustrated. When you are organized, you are able to save time and shed all that stress. We all know wasting time certainly consumes money which no business wants. Managing an entire workforce and all your valuable assets is undoubtedly a huge job. And the most effective way to manage your workforce and assets is to use asset tracking software that supports an intuitive calendar management.

Save yourself from the stress and frustration as you no longer have to hop between software that doesn’t integrate well with each other. Calendar in asset tracking software gives you the advantage of managing assets and scheduling asset assignments from one single platform. Increase in profits and operational efficiency is only natural when an organized business eliminates redundancy, decreases top-line labor costs and increases productivity.

Businesses and the use of calendar in asset tracking software

Businesses require a considerable amount of teamwork to function efficiently and profitably. With asset tracking software, this teamwork becomes easier and in real-time. A lot of planning is involved in businesses where you need to do the right thing through the right person at the right time and place using the right asset. As soon as any of these parameters hang loose, the ball is dropped. With a user-friendly asset tracking software, none of the strings holding your business will ever go loose. Everything remains right in place and order.

The management is the one who gains utmost benefit from this calendar module. Managers need to handle a wide range of functions within a company using limited resources and time. This, in turn, makes effective and quick decision making a necessity and that entails a full assessment of the diverse activities going on in the organization. With the calendar module, they keep up to date on asset assignments and can create, assign, modify, and track work orders accordingly. Managers get to have a larger picture of all the duties assigned to the workers keeping track of time, consumption, feedback and close work order tasks.

Now how else will the managers find the answer when they are asked ‘how are we doing today?’. Yes, by taking a quick look at the calendar, managers are able to retrieve a comprehensive analysis of the facility’s performance and the assets in general. Using this data, they are able to make up a complete action plan before answering the tough questions asked by their upper management.

Being organized is a stepping stone for every business. Below we have gathered how a cloud-based asset tracking software helps you stay organized and remain on the top of every task given to the employees!

I – Get timely approvals for asset reservations

Doesn’t it really become a mess when you direly need an asset but it doesn’t seem available? And on the top of it, you don’t even know who has it and for how long. It sure is a difficult job to manage the booking of such a huge number of assets among a large number of employees. The calendar makes it really easy for users to book equipment or other assets like tools, rooms, and vehicles. But how does it work? Employees make a request to reserve an asset. Requestors automatically get an email alert as soon as their request to reserve an asset is either approved or rejected. This feature surely helps to improve workers’ efficiency and manage your asset usage effectively and efficiently.

asset tracking software calendar

Mark all the important dates on your calendar and maintain asset reservation history to make informed decisions.

Another plus point is that you will be able to keep a track of history on asset reservations that aids in making informed decisions. Furthermore, you can even view all the asset reservation requests on this intuitive calendar that helps you see all the rejected, approved and pending requests in the recent events sections.

II – Extend the life of your assets

You are responsible for maintaining your assets particularly the expensive equipment. Every year, you are required to bring forth accurate data about each asset for compliance and accounting purpose. Otherwise, you will have to pay a heavy cost. With asset tracking software, you will be able to track charges, failures, warranty information and work history of each asset. Maintenance events can be viewed on the availability calendar.

With all this data at your disposal, you can easily make data-driven decisions regarding asset replacements or budgeting. This can eventually go a long way in extending the life of your assets by generating alerts for each asset to make sure all the planned maintenance take place at the right time.

III – Resolve potential scheduling conflicts

Organizations face conflicts with booking the equipment, rooms, vehicles, tools, laptops and other assets on the same dates. With the asset reservation feature, users will be able to avoid double bookings and maximize productive usage.

You are able to make your reservations more robust and time-driven with the calendar feature in asset tracking software. Whenever a reservation is made, you need to mention for whom the asset is being reserved and for how long. You can even add a note to the reservations. Opting for a clash-free date for reservation becomes easier this way.

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IV – Get a bird’s eye view of ongoing and upcoming events

Think about a situation where there is a contractor who is managing multiple projects. Each is assigned to a separate crew working at a different site. All projects are at different stages of completion. Organizing the labor force can be a huge task with all the asset reservations, assigning of tools and maintaining a proper history of all the asset usage. Online asset tracking software empowers you to use its built-in calendars to solve the problem by keeping you informed and in control.

With your entire team on the same page, you can increase profitability and maximize asset availability. Small business asset management software lets you keep a track of upcoming reservations, asset assignments, and ongoing events giving you a bigger picture of operational workflows and asset tracking. You will remain well-informed about which assets are overdue, which assets are due on a current date and which reservations start on the current date.

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V – Access control to your asset management calendar

Doesn’t the presence of CR (Classroom Representative) keep everything organized and in order? You can do the same with your calendar. How? Simply enable arbitration in the settings and allow the admin to exercise more control by having an upper hand over all the users. The admin decides how the users can interact with the assets and make sure his intervention is needed whenever an item’s check-in/check-out is required.

While the admin can view and take action for all the users, the users, on the other hand, can only view the items they reserve and take actions only for themselves. The items cannot be reserved until and unless the admin confirms it. In other words, admin keeps everything under control by holding all the strings of every user on board. There is a reduction in data entries, employees won’t be able to make changes to the events without authorization. You’ll be one step ahead of knowing via dashboard calendar that who checked out an item and the asset due counter can help you verify possession of items to encounter project delays.

VI – Use of the activity feed for quicker overviews

Wouldn’t it be great to see the entire month’s asset activities on one single page? You can view all the asset tracking activities of the current month alongside the calendar. It gives you insight into the events of every month and lets you monitor and manage asset tracking tasks directly from the calendar.

You will have all the important dates marked including the date on which reservation is starting and the date on which assets are due. The quick activity feed lets you see the addition of members, assets, check-ins/outs in the system, comments, latest events, and services.

VII – Asset and calendar management on-the-go

Everyone uses a smartphone now. Why not put it to good business use! You can view your asset management calendar from your mobile phones or tablet via the mobile app. This allows a large number of users to have access to the dashboard calendar without the company having to buy additional user licenses. The administrator will have complete information about the assets – who has the assets to where is it being used.

asset tracking software on the go

You can access the asset tracking software calendar via mobile or tablet while you are on the move.

Just imagine what a mess will tool crib management be in with a limited amount of tools shared across various work sites. And what a relief it would be if workers could coordinate the use of each tool ahead of time from their tablet or smartphones! Similarly, being able to see how many items are available with a calendar view of reserved items saves time as you don’t have to make phone calls or send emails to teachers. A mobile phone can definitely do the trick!

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