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The best way to use asset tracking software to track your tools!

The ultimate tool tracking checklist

Why is asset tracking software the best bet for tracking tools?

The construction industry has a lot of elements to constantly monitor and track. Do we have all the details mapped out and ready to go? Are we accounting for the weather? Are the workers where they need to be? Do they have all the equipment they need to get the job done?

This last question opens up a whole new set of questions. Your inventory needs to be fully stocked, safety gear well-maintained, and you should have all the details of who has custody of which tools! This can be tough to do manually. Spreadsheets tracking small tools can get unnecessarily complicated and messy, and a single incorrect log can throw off an entire year’s worth of calculations and planning. This is why asset tracking software is a boon for tool tracking in the construction industry. Let’s have a look at 5 sweet features you can use to optimize tool management and get things done with a lot less effort!

QR Code and Barcode scanning for quick check-ins and checkouts

A lot of companies are still using ‘pen and paper’ methods to track which tools have been checked out by which individual. This is a completely impractical solution to a problem that has much better alternatives. Of course, using asset tracking software for tool tracking is great because it makes your data error-free and well-organized, but it gets grade A just for time-saving alone! You can slap a barcode on each tool, and rather than take the 2 minutes per person to write down the serial numbers or asset IDs of every tool they’ve borrowed, you can simply mass-scan tools into the system within seconds!

Asset tracking software

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Maintenance management to ensure tools do what they’re supposed to

Tools breaking down on the job site is more than just a waste of time and energy – it can actually be really dangerous! Of course, power tools like electric saws and drills need to be calibrated each time to make sure they’ll work like they’re meant to. But even a compromised screwdriver or some ill-fitting bolts can make smaller projects very risky. This is why maintenance management software built into an asset tracking system is practically a must when you’re dealing with the construction industry. With this, you should be able to schedule services, prioritize what needs to be looked at first, and automate maintenance logging for services that repeat every month. This way, you can rest assured that the next pair of safety goggles you pick up won’t fail you when you need them!

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A handy mobile app to help you manage data on the field

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. What other device could you easily carry over into a construction site? The great thing about an asset tracking app is that hundreds of your crew members can use it simultaneously, right at the point of action! So, if you’re checking items out to a crew member on-site, you can log it there and then ensure your data is as accurate as possible. Mobile apps can come in handy for so many other reasons. You can even carry out audits using a nifty mobile app label scanner. Just scan all items in a warehouse or job site, and instantly create a report based on what was returned and what was left behind!

Asset tracking software

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Purchase orders so you never run low on tools on a job again

You’re probably cycling through hundreds of tools on a weekly basis. In addition to this, you need to process thousands of nuts and bolts and screws in the same time frame. What you require is a quick way to process all of them without losing track of a single bolt! With the asset management part taken care of with the help of accurate logs and audits, you now need to minimize overheads created by overstocking on items, or not procuring them for cheaper prices in advance! This can be done through a smart Purchase Orders module that helps you create and keep track of POs. Not just this, but because your entire product catalog is on the cloud anyway, any time you receive items against a PO, the system will automatically populate your records with the new purchases. How’s that for smart tech?!

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Availability calendars to schedule conflict-free tool checkouts

Of course, no amount of well-maintained and tagged tools are going to help you out if you haven’t planned for checkouts properly. You can use the Availability Calendar to ensure asset availability for the date you need them. Let the system do all the hard work for you! No more double and triple checking spreadsheets laboriously to ensure everyone has what they need. You can even use a Dashboard Calendar for a quick snapshot of what’s meant to be checked out in a day or month, and when it’s due back. You can run reports on asset utilization and check-in/checkout density per time of the year. This can help you plan better for the future, and best of all, save money in the long run!

Why asset tracking software?

Now you’ve asked for new tools through handy electronic Purchase Orders, used an availability calendar to make conflict-free bookings for a future date, made sure the tools are well-maintained, scanned them into the system to ensure efficient checkouts, and carried out audits when they’re all back!

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