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The Beginner’s Guide to Barcode Management Software


If you’ve shopped for groceries, you’re familiar with product Barcodes. Every one of us has had one interaction or another with these monochromatic labels, but we really don’t pay them much attention. Barcode technology is widely used by businesses today, helping companies keep track of all their assets. Whether you are running a small business or a large multinational conglomerate, Barcode management software has a vital role to play in efficient and effective business operations.

What’s in a Barcode, Anyway?

A Barcode may look like unintelligible lines and numbers, but it is so much more than that! Barcode patterns store information about products that are then read by an optical scanning device called a Barcode scanner. This simple process lets your organization track stock levels, prices, and product specifications. Barcode scanning can therefore escalate efficiency and productivity by enabling you to manage items from a central location.

By automating data entry in this way, the potential for human error is eliminated, and the time taken to record such information is significantly reduced. While Barcodes started off with just the original one-dimensional version, they have now come a long way with a variety of shapes, sizes and designs that can even be read by mobile phones. So if you want to learn how to track inventory with Barcodes, you’re at the right place!

Businesses and Barcode Asset Tracking

Distributors, retailers and manufacturers have been using Barcode management software to better manage their inventory for quite a while now. This is because it is a cost effective and simple system that gives up-to-the-minute information regarding your inventory status. It easily integrates into your existing systems and lets you track your inventory and conduct a full scale inventory count. It not only provides accurate data but saves you time and money that you can invest in more important business tasks. Distributors and manufacturers use this technology to track various items for shipping, warehousing, maintenance, etc.

If you want to succeed in today’s business environment, you need to be competitive. An effective inventory management system is necessary to propel any business towards success. Procurement analysis, sales forecasting, and stock control are only a few benefits of this system. Barcode asset tracking makes all this exceedingly easy, enabling you to improve the bottom line and leave your competition behind!

What Can Barcode Management Software Do For Your Business?

Barcode solutions have quickly become a top industry preference because they are relatively easy to implement, have a broad array of applications, and demonstrate high returns on investment. It is not just the Barcode tags that help businesses, but the entire Barcode management system behind it that enables them to be more profitable.

Take an example of adverse drug incidents that threaten patient safety every year in the medical industry. The Food and Drug Administration concluded that Barcode medication administration is likely to minimize medication errors by 50%. This is why it made Barcode labels mandatory on all human medications and biological products. It has been predicted to prevent 500,000 transfusion errors and adverse events over the next twenty years, saving the health sector a hefty amount of around $93 billion!

Increase Productivity

Nobody likes a disorganized workforce and confusing piles of inventory. Measuring productivity can help minimize labor costs in warehousing, manufacturing and other kinds of businesses. A well-managed system enables supervisors to highlight any impending issues so they can take actions to resolve them.

barcode asset management software

Barcode asset tracking allows supervisors to keep track of everyone’s activities.

Most organizations have different departments with various activities going on in each section. It is not easy for supervisors to keep track of everyone’s activities, but a Barcode tracker can easily track what work is being done and compare it to the expected output. Corrective action can then be taken immediately, making a system administrator’s life a great deal easier!

Improve Accuracy

Inaccurate data and miscommunication tend to be the prime catalysts for errors. These errors can be tremendously costly and can have irreversible adverse consequences. Making use of printed Barcodes and QR Codes with mobile devices can update metrics in real time, ensuring greater informational accuracy.

A Barcode management software designed to maintain data integrity and validate user entries ensures that the pillars of accuracy stand tall and strong. Having accurate information gives businesses an opportunity to confidently commit to customers, vendors and stakeholders with a minimal amount of errors.

Control Inventory Stock

The manual tracking of inventory is an incredibly laborious task. To overcome this, you can simply connect Barcode scanners with your Barcode asset tracking software and pump up productivity levels. When Barcodes are applied to every item in your inventory, portable scanners can quickly track the receipt and shipment of items.

barcode asset management software

Inventory items with Barcode labels let you keep track of your inventory easily.

As soon as a Barcode is scanned, the item’s information is automatically updated to a central computer system and shown on connected devices. You can see how many items are left in stock, create a purchase order to buy more, and even set thresholds alerting you when stocks hit a critical low level. With Barcode tracking, you receive accurate and real time inventory updates giving companies a chance to reduce stock levels and minimize carrying costs. When analyzing the costs associated with holding and maintaining inventory, a lean and intelligent inventory produces the best results.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

It is only natural for customers to want quality service, and products at a reasonable price that can be delivered on time. The automation of Barcode inventory management paves the way for success by allowing businesses to analyze data in real-time and take immediate actions on the provided data. As a quality service is ensured with an increase in productivity and accuracy, overhead expenses related to the cost of product or service are reduced. Automated Barcode systems streamlines tasks and minimize the time needed to perform specific activities. How great is it to see fewer working hours spent on manually counting out your inventory! As a result, the business becomes agile, punctual and a lot more effective.


Having all your inventory data in the right place allows you to make better business decisions, which in turn enables you to significantly lower overheads. Barcode data management does not only tell you what your customers are buying or the items your staff uses the most, but also enables you to draw up custom reports that give you in-depth insights into your business operations. This can greatly improve business management, and all this with just a small unassuming label!

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