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Asset Intelligence and Management

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EZOfficeInventory Named One of Capterra's Most Popular Maintenance Management Software


Software directory Capterra has named EZOfficeInventory one of the most popular maintenance management software solutions around! From a pool of over 180 equipment maintenance software listed on Capterra, EZOfficeInventory ranked 4th overall. Click here to have a look at Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Maintenance Management Software report.

Why Use an Equipment Maintenance Software?

This type of solution is used in hugely diverse organizations, ranging from construction to aerospace engineering! It enables companies to streamline their maintenance activities, helping them reduce overheads and lower administrative burdens. A rigorous maintenance plan not only improves efficiency, but also helps achieve asset longevity. This means that fewer replacements are needed as assets are able to be productive for much longer. In addition to this, equipment which is maintained regularly is less likely to undergo emergency repairs, which can often be a lot more expensive and can cause costly blockages to operations. This is why an equipment maintenance software is extremely crucial for businesses wanting to achieve efficiency and make maintenance processes simpler to manage!

EZOfficeInventory: A Robust Maintenance Management Tool

EZOfficeInventory’s high ranking for maintenance management software on Capterra was a combination of the total number of customers it has, active users, as well as its online presence.

Rachel Wille, Senior Product Research Analyst at Capterra, stated: “This report is designed for software buyers at the beginning of their software search. This list highlights some of the largest maintenance management software solutions on the market today. EZOfficeInventory was one of the software solutions to make this list. The Carson City-based software company has the most reviews on Capterra which is one criterion we look at for our popularity report.

Over the years, EZOfficeInventory has tried to understand and simplify individual customer’s workflows, and in that process has been exposed to the intricacies of companies wanting to manage maintenance on a large scale. This has led to some very specific features that can make maintenance management a lot more intuitive for our customers. Read about some of these features below:

Service Tickets
Create tickets to schedule and keep track of maintenance events. Add notes and service details such as costs, maintenance dates, and associated vendors.

Recurring Services
Plan maintenance management using our CMMS-compliant software. Set service cycles to repeat at custom intervals to ensure assets get serviced regularly.

Maintenance Alerts
Send out alerts to relevant parties on service initiation, completion, extension, or comments. The alert emails can also be customized.

Service History
This provides a snapshot of all service events relating to a specific asset. Track trends in cost and keep tabs on service type to improve asset productivity.

Service Triage
Automatically put items into service upon check-in. This makes maintenance workflows a lot smoother and significantly lowers equipment downtime.

About Capterra

Capterra is one of the most widely-used online services for software ratings and reviews. In 2015, Deloitte named Capterra one of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies. With millions of users, buying guides and blog posts, Capterra helps businesses evaluate software purchase decisions based on unbiased, third-party sources.

About EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory’s goal is to help companies focus on their core efficiencies and eliminate administrative blockages. Together with thousands of our diverse customers, we’ve developed industry best practices in equipment maintenance. To this end, we’re constantly looking to improve our software through regular, customer-requested feature releases. If you have a feature in mind you’d like us to develop for you, drop us an email at

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