Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Understanding the Power Of Big Data for Your Business


If you’re wondering what the fuss is about big data and how it applies to your business, you’re not alone. We all know data is a powerful tool for any company, but what makes big data different? Oracle defines big data is any data that contains a greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and higher velocity. That sounds pretty confusing on its own, but it’s simpler than you think.

Basically, any large amount of complex, accurate data that’s always evolving is big data. It’s always recent. It’s always insightful. Big data is how we anticipate problems before they happen. Frankly, it’s a way to get ahead of the competition.

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How Big Data is Used

First, let’s talk about how big data is utilized in modern business practice. While many businesses make the mistake of assuming that it is only for big-name, large businesses, this is far from the truth. All organizations, both large and small, can benefit from big data in the following ways.

1. Understanding Customers

Customer experience matters. A study by CapGemini showed that customers with a strong attachment to a certain brand can deliver 23% more profit than the average customer. Big data shows us how our customers think so we can better adapt to meet their needs.

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2. Developing Products

We no longer live in a world where it’s possible to coast on a single quality product or service. Most businesses are expanding and producing more at a rapid pace. To keep up, you need to develop new products and services that meet those customer expectations. By using well-researched data, you can identify gaps in the market to position yourself when it matters most.

3. Forward-Thinking

As mentioned above, there’s no going backward. You need to always be moving on to the next thing while remembering what you learned along the way. This is one of the fundamentals of how to start a business today. Forward-thinkers are the businesses that make an impact, stay relevant, and know what data matters. These businesses don’t need to take a stab in the dark. They use data to understand just where the industry is heading.

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4. Lower Costs

All businesses need to find new ways to lower costs. Big data helps us do just that. Gaining insights into customer forecasting, material needs, and sales expectations will help you make better money decisions about your own business. Forecasting accurately will manage your operational costs, saving you big.

5. Stronger Marketing

Finally, business data can be very helpful for your marketing. In this day and age, you need to be intentional with your marketing. While it might make sense to market anywhere and everywhere, it’s better to have a plan for targeting your audience, appearing on the right platforms, and learning from your analytics. With data, it’s possible to know where your audience spends time online, and how to best market to this group.

Embrace the Future of Big Data

As you can see from the methods above, big data has a lot of applications for real-world business. It’s not just about looking at numbers, but about taking a closer look at what it means to run a modern business in a changing world. It’s no longer possible to sit idle and watch the industry pass you by. You need to be proactive and adaptive.

Are you ready to face these challenges? If so, invest in big data today to see how far it’ll take your business. The right strategy needs the right data. Don’t go blindly into the future. Move forward with purpose, understanding, and innovation.

This article was written by Ashley Lipman, who is a Content Writing Specialist. Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing creative solutions for building brands online, such as The Blog Frog. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches.

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