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How Does Construction Equipment Scheduling Software Help Large Businesses?


Construction industry mainly relies on its equipment to progress and grow. Gone are the days when managing construction equipment with pen and paper made sense. Today, it only translates into wastage of time and energy, particularly in large businesses. Now, you have the option of automating everything using construction equipment scheduling software. It frees up your time so you can concentrate on your core competencies while keeping everything organized.

The larger your business is, the more equipment you own, making it difficult for construction managers to keep track of assets. Apparently, the industry is on track to continue its positive growth trend. It is expected to generate some 1.42 trillion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2021. Construction scheduling technology solves the challenges faced by construction managers. It lets them improve information sharing, transparency, efficiency and financial controls.

Construction scheduling software is rightly viewed as a discipline for delivering work on time which also takes care of equipment, material, and labor management. Such increased efficiency aids construction managers to spot problems early, coordinate equipment and resources. It shortens the completion time and increases cost savings.

A construction equipment scheduling solution offers the much-needed transparency into how a project is progressing and enhances accountability. The flow of information between contractors and construction companies speeds up. This results in improved quality of work and greater client satisfaction.

Here are some ways you can speed up your projects using a construction equipment scheduling software:

1. Create a project calendar

project tracker construction equipment scheduling software

Construction managers have to keep an eye on every single task, activity, resource, and phase of a construction project. Scheduling process becomes a breeze with project calendar which helps to determine what needs to be done. It also creates deadlines ensuring that your project moves smoothly towards completion. Construction equipment scheduling software lets you adjust resources and create timelines in one place. You can assign tasks to your workers and track whether they have completed it with real-time updates.

Create equipment schedule for your projects and streamline workflow.

With this cloud-based software, you can remain at peace knowing your project record is backed up in one place and can be accessed by all the devices in your company – whether in the office or field. Construction scheduling technology also allows you to accurately calculate how much time an expected task will take so you can plan accordingly for project needs. This can be done keeping track of obstacles that can extend deadlines of your project as well. Creating a project calendar certainly radiates positive effects of thoughtful planning.

Did you know? The construction industry in the United States employed approximately 10.3 million people in 2016. The wages and salaries in the United States construction industry totaled some 792.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.

2. Manage your equipment and resources

As soon as you are done setting you equipment schedule using the project calendar, you can now compare it with other ongoing projects to check out the equipment you may require. You can see which tasks are completed and which ones are incomplete along with knowing the availability of your workers, and the equipment that will be needed to run the construction project efficiently.

Construction projects that are properly scheduled have more chances of being completed faster and on time by eliminating bottlenecks. If any of your workers demand a specialized equipment you might have to check out or report a broken piece of equipment, you can calculate the costs and even schedule the check out with an equipment scheduling software. With such a big picture of the project in front of you, you can reinforce accountability. Having the real-time information on equipment and employees, you can track any missing equipment back to the last location it was checked in and who was using it.

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3. Track changes and progress in real-time

real-time data with construction equipment scheduling software

Construction equipment scheduling system makes identification of bottlenecks easier and lets you know the factors that contribute to it. You can track the changes and progress of any of your construction projects from anywhere anytime. Whether you are in your office or on the site, you can keep viewing RFI’s (request for information), equipment status and field notes as they come in. This allows you to see where there might be roadblocks even before they occur.

Whether in the field or at an office, always know the current status of your equipment

It facilitates easy communications between you, your team and anyone else that is part of the project. The best part of the equipment scheduling software is that it contains all of your change orders, equipment maintenance or repair issues, field notes and RFIs for you. It means you need not worry where your equipment is in case a problem comes up. The project manager can leverage the record and assign duties accordingly.

4. Go mobile and streamline your workflow

Mobile technology has opened up so many windows for every industry including the construction industry. Make sure your equipment scheduling software is mobile-friendly. It allows you to take office to the field and field to the office so that you can always keep track of your valuable equipment as your project moves forward. When your equipment scheduling solution has a mobile app, your workers can report equipment issues and take notes while in the field. This streamlines the construction workflow.

You can take photographs of the equipment when it malfunctions or when you are done fixing it. The entire history of equipment is easily viewable for managers. It even lets users to email or text when equipment issues arise right from the app. These may be small but key elements that help in keeping construction projects organized which are a complete chaos otherwise.

EZOfficeInventory – Keep your equipment and projects organized!

EZOfficeInventory’s construction equipment scheduling software is simplifying and modernizing organizational systems that let your construction projects run smoothly with everything being backed up in one place.

With so many construction projects taking place at a time, you can schedule them so that you can make sense of your business. Our equipment scheduling software doesn’t only help to build a project calendar and assign workers their tasks, it actually helps in the overall growth of a business.

Gathering your team and allocating your resources to multiple job sites has never been easier. EZOfficeInventory allows you to know which equipment each of your workers is using at all times within a project schedule. It is a no-hassle construction equipment scheduling software that lets you efficiently manage your projects.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the field or office. Our web-based construction equipment scheduling software allows you to access your files, plans, schedule, and communications via digital devices. Your employees can take pictures of equipment with their phones and directly upload them to construction equipment scheduling software so that people concerned can instantly view it.

Want to know more about our construction equipment scheduling software?

EZOfficeInventory is the leading construction equipment software used by construction industry around the world. Keep your business operations smooth and organized!

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