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Why Use a Construction Equipment Tracking Software?

As skyscrapers get taller and cities sprawl out even further, construction companies all over the world are experiencing a marked increase in demand. This means that the sale of construction equipment is also on the rise, with a global market worth $192 billion in 2017 alone! So how are these companies managing their increased loads of construction equipment?

A construction equipment tracking software can help your construction business track assets across locations, improve asset uptime, manage project tasks, and achieve compliance in a breeze!

Construction companies use a whole slew of items on a daily basis, be they valuable heavy machinery such as excavators and trucks, or low-ticket items such as drills and small tools that make more sense being tracked in bulk.

For every construction project, you not only need to keep track of these kinds of equipment, but also other materials, spares, and even consumables that make up a huge part of any construction task.

It is also important to ensure that your items last as long as they can, regardless of the weather or use they face. This is because construction assets are expensive to replace and make up a huge part of a company’s initial investment. Therefore, any solution that helps protect assets and make them more efficient is a must-have for the construction industry.

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Another important aspect of a successful construction project is a productive and responsible workforce. There are many ways to make this happen, but one of the easiest is by using construction asset tracking that helps you provide your staff with all the tools and equipment they need quickly and efficiently.

Not just this, but you can also use Barcodes, QR Codes, or RFID tags to keep track of all your equipment. This keeps your staff more accountable, and ensures transparency around the custodianship of assets in your organization.

Like all businesses, companies in the construction industry need to always be on the lookout for mechanisms that help them lower costs, improve ROIs, and streamline the way various projects are managed. A tool crib manager or contractor is therefore tasked not just with knowing where all the items are at any given time, but also with managing their maintenance cycles, drawing up work orders against them, and running reports to see where improvements can be made for future projects.

Even procurement activities like creating purchase orders or implementing efficient stock control practices become a big part of a successful construction project. Waiting on item deliveries, or losing money because of over-ordering items, can spell disaster for your business. It leads to inflated storage costs, increased redundancy, and can put a strain on your operational resources.

This becomes even harder to manage when you come to realize that the demands on your staff and assets can vary greatly from one construction project to the next.

It is especially important to have a system that is both flexible enough to fit your specific workflows, and also extremely customizable so that you can make it conform to your needs as closely as possible.

Features like custom reports, custom alerts, and various custom fields that help you log precise information can be extremely useful for this. Not only can you record data unique to different construction projects (such as equipment specs or vendor details), but you can also make sure you can generate reports that can add a lot of value to your projects!

EZOfficeInventory – Construction Asset Tracking, Simplified

EZOfficeInventory is a construction equipment tracking software built around a construction industry’s workflows. With small tool tracking, sophisticated maintenance management and work order support, managers can easily supervise the use, possession, and repair of construction equipment.

Our handy mobile app makes it easy to take all this data between job-sites, helping you optimize workflows with the click of a button! You can use EZOfficeInventory to manage the complete asset lifecycle of your construction equipment, all the way from procurement to retirement.

We’re also integrated with Zendesk to help you prioritize maintenance issues and manage service tickets across your organization. We’re cloud-based, easy-to-use, and have helped construction companies all over the globe increase ROIs, streamline workflows, and make the most of their assets.

Sign up for a free 14 day trial to see why we’re the best construction asset tracking solution around.

Want to learn more about managing construction equipment? Check out our infographic below!

Construction Asset Tracking

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