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3 Benefits of Using Custom Asset Labels with a Tracking Software


Give your business an efficiency boost by incorporating asset labels designed according to your business needs. Custom asset labels make it easier to track multiple types of items owned by the business. These can include small tools to bigger machinery. Regardless of the size of items, every business can benefit from a streamlined management strategy. 

An asset tracking solution can optimize and automate this process for you. A cloud-based system enables you to design custom asset labels both for internal and external business operations. Most tracking systems offer flexibility and enable you to define assets and inventory according to the business structure. For instance a construction company wants to call their assets ‘boxes’ in the software. Having the ability to use custom asset labels within the software streamlines business processes and productivity. 

Once you have correctly labelled your business items in the software, you can then integrate them with barcode scanning. Depending on the nature of your industry, you can generate a specific type of custom asset label to suit your needs. 

How custom asset labels work in different industries?

In order to get started, a company first needs to evaluate the types of items that need to be tracked. This usually includes fixed assets and consumables. Let’s discuss some examples of items that different industries can track with a software:

  • Construction: The construction companies mostly track heavy equipment, hand and power tools and consumables like building materials. All these goods need to be recorded in the software to ensure seamless tracking. Without the relevant names in the software, there can be a lot of confusion especially with larger inventory counts. 
  • Education: For schools and universities a tracking software can be used to track everything from IT equipment to furniture, classroom equipment and stationery. Keeping a manual record of educational assets is time consuming and results in inaccurate reports. For this purpose a tracking software offers custom asset labels to help your staff and teachers checkout the required items without delays. 
  • AV and Event Management: Media companies usually hire staff for different events. This means you probably would have new people coming in every now and then. For such industries it is very important to work with a software that enables you to generate appropriate asset names within the system. Suitable item names allow staff members to quickly identify items and cut down training time.  With the suitable names in place AV companies can track goods like LCD screens, projectors and wires and plugs. 

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3 Ways custom asset labels help business operations

Customization in business procedures enables a streamlined work environment for both managers and employees through improved management. Eventually, consistent control over the internal company affairs has a positive impact on the rate of return on investment and leads to better performance. Let’s explore how your company can utilize a tracking software for custom asset labels to boost progress:

1. Improve company productivity

Custom asset labels help companies refine their business operations. A software that incorporates your unique business verbiage makes the onboarding process much easier.  For instance, a business that wants to switch to a new tracking system just simply has to enter all its assets once. 

By using the custom labels option managers can simply adjust the asset names according to the nature of the business. Moreover, a smooth transition means less training for your employees. Since employees are already familiar with the business language they spend less time  learning new item names. 

Improved user adoption leads to seamless check ins and checkouts. When staff members know exactly where to look for an item; the checkout process is quicker and efficient. Likewise, for check ins or adding new items to stock. 

2. Streamline process cooperation

Different departments across the organization carry out various tasks during the day. In order to complete these tasks in a streamlined manner, process cooperation is extremely important. The best way to accomplish tasks efficiently is through consistency. To start off from the basics, a tracking software enables you to generate custom asset labels for all your business inventory. For multiple items in the organization, managers can agree to label them according to the industry specific language. 

A consistent labelling guide used throughout the organization improves cooperation between departments and staff members. Moreover, custom labelling is not just useful for internal procedures but also for external stakeholders like vendors. For instance in a healthcare centre with the correct item labels the technician and the vendor are both on the same page without having to move back and forth about asset definitions. 

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3. Data accuracy and quality control

Custom label guides within a tracking software are a great value addition for employee organization. Defining user roles becomes much easier with customized business assets in the system. Whenever you want to allocate a tool kit for a project you know exactly what to checkout and from where. 

Apart from this, custom labels act as quality control for administrative purposes. Everytime new stock is to be purchased, staff members can pull up previous records to match details. This saves time and helps to generate accurate procurement receipts for vendors. At the same time, whenever new shipments come in, the admin staff can quickly scan items and add details in the relevant sections. Consistent and uniform business asset labels improve data accuracy and help to maintain updated records. 

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