Updates via email alerts [Archived]

An updated version of this blog post is available here.

Modern day systems require email integration i.e. the ability for users to be informed of actions via emails rather than needing to repeatedly log into the system to check for updates. However the downside of this being email overload. Recall the boy who cried wolf too many times?

We recently pushed functionality to customize the types of alerts you’d like to receive via email. This helps ensure that you only get the emails for activity types that you’re interested in. So say you’re interested in receiving emails related to checkouts but not Asset retires. Simply check the related action in the Alerts tab and voila!

And for those who’d like to receive a daily email digest rather than an email for each action, simply enable the ’email digest’ in the Alerts tab. All alerts will be sent around midnight Pacific in the form of a single email with the summary of all the day’s events.

Email Alerts

Tip: If you’d like to receive SMS for email alerts you can configure a filter in your email client to forward all emails from domain ezofficeinventory.com to the relevant email address of your mobile’s sms gateway (a number of which are listed here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SMS_gateways)