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What is Enterprise IT Asset Management System?


Organize your Enterprise IT Asset Management Strategy: How to do it the right way?

With the ever-changing technological advancements, it oftentimes becomes tedious to keep your IT department up-to-date. However, a successful business plan will help your company reach new levels of efficiency and industry-oriented capabilities over a short period of time. In contrast to mainstream solution packages, a web-based enterprise IT asset management system provides customized services to boost performance. Such software programs offer to scale and transform quickly into your business. This way you don’t need to shift your company data every now and then.

But, how do you go about choosing a software that is just right for your company? These simple steps allow you to streamline your requirements and select the system which best fits your criteria:

  • Coming with the right management approach: When you opt for a software, you need to decide how you want to utilize your current resources. The right approach involves defining asset policies, employee roles, and project status.  
    • Laying down the business vision: To maximize resource allocation, every company has yearly or monthly targets on its agenda. These outline the growth path and the milestones you want to achieve as you proceed along.
    • Implementing the most appropriate software: If you have the business strengths and weaknesses listed down clearly, then choosing the right software becomes easier. When you identify your problem areas, this gives you a chance to assess the impact of the management system you install in your firm.

Did you know? The United States is the largest technology market in the world, having a share of 31% of the total sector, that values at approximately $81.7 billion in 2018.

An enterprise IT asset management software offers a variety of features to improve the overall efficiency rate in a company. You can use the software to get the maximum value out of your IT investments in the following ways:

1. Simplify license management with IT Asset Lifecycle modules

Whenever you purchase IT assets, they come with a license which needs to be renewed after a certain period of time. If you fail to do so, employees won’t be able to use that particular asset after its license has expired.

In order to keep work operations running without unnecessary hassle, enterprise IT asset management software lets you track licenses in the form of contracts. By using the contracts feature, you can store all information related to maintenance, vendors and expiration dates. This comes in handy to renew or restock your IT assets. You can easily access relevant vendor details and get the latest update before the existing license expires. Run streamlined IT asset functions with well-defined management processes.  

license tracker enterprise it asset management tool

Get software updates on time with lifecycle management

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2. Update and customize database for higher accuracy and efficiency

The best way to assess business growth is to analyze your assets’ data. One way to maintain accurate information regarding all your assets is to enter it in the right way. Even missing out on a single minute detail causes you to miscalculate performance. An enterprise IT management software lets you customize databases as per your requirements. This means you can edit the standard templates to include information according to the specific needs of your tools and equipment.

When you have comprehensive data prepared by the software, you can also export these files onto your system for further use. You can also import any inventory files about IT assets onto the software to manage stock purchases. Store all your data in a safe and secure database for easy and instant retrieval.

Did you know? Global IT market revenue is expected to increase $390 Billion in 2020, attaining a CAGR of 17%.

3. Turn on calibration for all your IT assets to improve performance  

Just like any other working equipment, IT tools need maintenance as well. For simplicity, you can categorize IT assets into hardware and software. As soon as you purchase any physical inventory or even a new software, you just need to assign it a barcode label to be entered into the system. This lets you store all relevant information regarding specific assets. Using all this data, an enterprise IT asset management software allows you to schedule calibration sessions for all your tools and machines. By doing so, you can send out maintenance alerts in advance so that the service workshops can be carried out smoothly.

All this can be effortlessly planned as the system delivers notifications well before time any asset actually break down. Organized service and repair practices let you keep your IT assets in top shape for a longer useful life.

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4. Control and monitor user access to your IT tools

Small and medium businesses comprise of various departments which function using a variety of tools. To differentiate resources for optimal use, an enterprise IT asset management software allows you to assign user roles. With the help of this feature, you can limit and control employee access to the IT equipment you have. Oftentimes, it happens that you buy an expensive laptop which is only designated for use for employee XYZ. To prevent the laptop from unauthorized usage, you can add it to restricted items.

Implement user access management to gain the following benefits for your firm:

    1. Improved user experience
    1. Higher security for all your assets
    2. Easier auditing and reporting
user listing enterprise it asset management solution

Define user roles for seamless work operations

Upgrade IT operations with EZOfficeInventory for higher productivity levels

The way to success for any company is to optimize the use of existing resources by setting in place robust management practices. Building upon this theory, companies must focus on getting a cloud-based software for supervising IT assets. Such software programs not only offers to strengthen your existing system, these systems also tend to improve business performance over a short period of time. EZOfficeInventory is an enterprise IT asset management software designed to provide an all-in-one solution package.

With features like RFID asset tracking, EZOfficeInventory fastens up check-in and checkout processes. RFID technology makes it possible to scan multiple items at once for streamlined daily activities. For easy and quick retrieval of IT assets, EZOfficeInventory assigns a barcode label to all your equipment. This makes it easier to locate tools and machines as well. Minimize risk of loss through barcode tracking for all your IT assets.  

The most important feature of EZOfficeInventory revolves around data assessment. The software stores usage history of all your equipment and lets you generate actionable reports to analyze. Such practices make it easier to forecast patterns of growth. Go for EZOfficeInventory as a management system for your company to refine IT work operations for increased revenues!

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