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How To Best Use Equipment Checkout Software For Your Business


What is equipment checkout software and what does it do?

A little intro won’t hurt. When we talk about equipment, we are taking into account all the equipment that the company gives its employees to perform their tasks, also called assets. This means tracking them is of utmost importance. Tracking equipment sure is a challenging task particularly if you have a fast-growing company. Every single day your employees use your valuable equipment and may relocate them including vehicles, IT assets or any other equipment that is vital for your project. These equipment are not just expensive to simply own but two times more expensive to replace. When equipment is damaged or lost, you are compelled to invest in unwanted replacements.

Equipment checkout software is the efficient solution behind all the equipment management that takes place in your organization because it happens to be the main source of all your asset information and dictates how you should be interacting with this information. What equipment checkout solution does is combines RFID or barcode technology with asset management features to streamline allocating, managing and monitoring valuable equipment. You need to keep a close watch on your equipment and tools. Without it, expensive tools can disappear from an unmonitored tool crib in a snap.

Why is equipment checkout software good for your business?

1. It tracks all maintenance activities on your valuable equipment

tool tracker equipment checkout software

An equipment check in and check out software does not only keep track of your asset’s locations but also lets you know if they have been given proper repairs to keep them in the best shape possible. When you keep up with proper maintenance, it saves you money in the long run as you don’t have to replace a faulty asset at the last moment. When companies manage equipment that needs ongoing or periodic maintenance, equipment checkout software sure is a lifeline for them. It provides maintenance alerts and ensures scheduled maintenance never becomes an afterthought as equipment check-in and checkout system meets all your maintenance needs.

Keep track of all your repairs, fixes and services that your valuable equipment needs with equipment checkout software

For instance, there is a fire and rescue unit in a company that offers fire protection service to a certain locality. They can easily track each and every equipment on each truck using an automated equipment checkout software. When they know what equipment should be there on the truck, they will also know about all the repairs needed for expensive tools and equipment like emergency medical equipment and hand tools. The lesser time you spend on tracking your equipment, the more time you have for delivering great service. An easy and efficient system in place to handle repair and maintenance issues will do the trick!

2. It tracks your business’ mobile workforce

real time data with equipment checkout software

It is hard to keep track of equipment when there are so many employees handling them, but it is harder to track your equipment when you have a mobile workforce. Today, most of the workers believe that they don’t have to be in the office to remain productive. They can do so while working from home or while traveling as well. Besides, a mobile workforce also saves money as they don’t occupy physical office space minimizing overhead costs.

Get to know real-time status of all your equipment no matter where it is and who it is with.

For example, if there is a security company that offers patrol services in residential areas, the officers are going to be provided with a computer, camera and many other devices. Your critical equipment is going to go missing and you won’t even know if you rely on the manual spreadsheets to track your valuable assets. Equipment checkout software mac efficiently and quickly checks assets in and out for every shift.

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3. It keeps your equipment data safe

Having data backups can save you from big troubles and cloud-based equipment checkout software is a great answer to it. A crashed hard drive or a stolen laptop is enough to ruin your day. What if your laptop or the folders it contained had all the equipment information? Then much more gets ruined than just your day.

Just think for a second about a situation where you have to look for all your warranty documents or start over from scratch by tracking which employee has which equipment. Make sure you have multiple backups in different locations or use a cloud-based equipment tracking system and minimize your risk. A crashed laptop may ruin your day but don’t let it ruin your business!

4. It prepares you to scale up for effective equipment tracking

Do you aim at keeping the size of your business stable forever or do you hope to grow? In case your goal is to grow like most companies, you need to prepare now. Yes, you can keep track of your assets on spreadsheets if it is just you and 20 equipment items in total. However, what is going to happen if it is you and 25 people managing 200+ equipment and tools? One word, chaos!

The safest option is to opt for a system that functions just as well three years from now as it does today. Don’t get stuck with a system that does not fulfill your requirements and needs. Also, you don’t want to spend your valuable time switching systems when you have an option of a scalable equipment checkout solution.

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EZOfficeInventory – Get the best out of your equipment!

EZOfficeInventory uses the combo of equipment check-in/checkout and barcode tracking features with powerful asset management app to give you more insight and extract optimum efficiency from all your equipment. We give you one integrated system with a cloud-based platform.

Our barcode check in check out software solution comes loaded with benefits for your business. It gives real-time updates, tells you the exact location of your equipment, who it is with, tracks equipment maintenance history and more. All this can be tracked using barcodes labeled on your equipment. Moreover, our app works with your mobile workforce via smartphone as well as on your office computer. The most important part is that you get to have a consistent picture of all your equipment so you can pave way for more productivity. You can even assign a unique identification number to all your valuable assets which makes it easier to pinpoint the location of specific equipment, determine the status of an equipment or group of equipment.

Reporting is yet another important feature of EZOfficeInventory equipment check in and check out software. You get to see a zoomed in picture of the collection of assets used in your business. Analysis of equipment items let you know when it should be serviced or replaced. It is only critical to maintain and control your equipment, so it is ready and coordinates with your flow of business operations.

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EZOfficeInventory is the leading equipment tracking software that maintains the spark of your equipment expanding their lives and enhances the overall productivity of your organization.

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