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How equipment inventory software eases the way for the Public Safety industry

Public Safety Institutions & Asset Management

Why use equipment inventory software?

Equipment inventory software can be a great boon for the public safety sector. This industry is fairly expansive, estimated to grow to around $456.56 billion by 2021. A huge chunk of this is distributed across North America, with our public safety institutions being among the most robust in the world. The sector is typified by its need for precision and efficiency; any stumbling blocks along the way can mean the difference between life and death. This is why equipment breakdowns or unavailability can be a significant risk for the authorities, and might even open them up to serious litigation. What’s needed is an intuitive and effective way to manage inventory so that public safety officials can carry out their jobs without having to worry about administrative hassles.

A commonality across these organizations is that they strive to work for the public interest, contain many hundreds if not thousands of employees, and have limited (often government-funded) budgets with little or no wiggle room. With these similarities in mind, here are some ways equipment inventory software can open up bottlenecks faced by public safety institutions.

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It encourages reliability in public safety institutions

Public safety institutions carry out a lot of diverse functions, but one requirement they all have is the need to be fail-safe. This means that when you call the fire department, for example, there should be no doubt in your mind as to the efficacy of the services. Not just this, but from a health and safety perspective, not knowing whether the safety gear you send your crew out with is working in perfect condition can open you up to a lot of risks. An asset tracking software with a ticketing module that helps keep track of the services that need to be undertaken, or keep tabs on all the equipment still under maintenance, can therefore be a great asset for these organizations.

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You can plan more accurately for emergencies

The best way to ensure a public safety organization is prepared for emergencies is to follow a strict procedure for all eventualities. Of course, this means knowing how to enforce evacuation drills or section off a public space, but it also trickles all the way down to the specific workflows of the organization itself. This means that the benefits of planning for asset usage, or inventory restocking, will eventually be felt at the processes on the very top, optimizing the way safety protocols are enforced. To this end, an equipment inventory software that focuses on item reservations can be particularly helpful. This does away with any second-guessing and ensures that all emergencies are handled with all the right equipment at hand!

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It helps publicly-funded organizations become cost-effective

There are many private institutions focusing on the general well-being of the population, such as research institutes studying climate change or earthquake relief centers. A lot of their use cases can be similar to public safety organizations, but one problem unique to the latter is that of funding. This industry can often be strapped for cash, with shrinking budgets and little room for autonomy in financial decision-making. This is why an on-the-cloud equipment inventory software solution is particularly important for them. SaaS-based products have a whole host of benefits, including easier updates, no setup costs, and the flexibility to integrate with other enterprise software seamlessly. Not only this, but the effective management of equipment will enable these institutions to lower overheads dramatically, enabling them to fight organize crime, for example, or overcome pandemics, without having to worry about budgeting.

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An easy-to-use interface allows more inclusion

Equipment inventory software can sound quite complex. Ideally, it should come with a huge variety of features specific to the public safety sector, such as integrations with ticketing software like Zendesk, or detailed reports and analytics to help you stay within budgets or maximize your efficiency. However, all of this is secondary to usability. Particularly for public safety institutions, chances are the people using your equipment tracking app on a daily basis aren’t system admins or tool crib managers. Instead, it could be law enforcement officials, or public security personnel, even firefighters wanting to keep tabs on their gear! This is why it is particularly important for the software catering to this industry to be intuitive and easy to use. This not only cuts back on costly training expenses, but also enables data entry to be a lot more interactive and dynamic!

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It offers flexibility to account for continual policy changes

Of course, important public institutions like law enforcement and the fire services are a part of public safety, but the sector also includes other functions such as noise control in public spaces, trying to lower levels of pollution in residential areas, and even putting an end to female harassment on the streets. This means the public safety sphere is quite diverse, and because of this, a rigid method of tracking assets just won’t do. This is why equipment inventory software needs to be especially flexible for these institutions, with a lot of different customizability options such as the ability to log extra information, different custom views, and even features to help pull up reports based on variables you deem important.


Public safety institutions are the cornerstone of a well-functioning society. Whatever problem we face – be it disease, crime, or even environmental concerns – the public safety sector is there to help us make our lives easier every step of the way. These organizations can find it especially difficult to keep track of all their assets, owing to small budgets, overworked staff, and the urgent nature of their tasks. This is why they need equipment inventory software that is reliable, stocked with specialized features, and helps them lower their overheads significantly. This can enable them to create a much stabler and safer environment for all of us.

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